Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am moving

My family is leaving the frozen tundra of the midwest to the fair shores of the gulf. We are moving to Florida and j truly couldn't be more excited!

That brings me to a problem. Clothes. 

I have A LOT of clothes. Some I hold onto because they're comfy. Others simply because I'm a hoarder. 

Im challenging myself to wear everything from my closet. To try it on, post a picture and get your opinion on whether or not it should make the trek to Florida

Today's ootd:

Outfit details: jeans- Citizens of Humanity
Sweater-forever 21
Shoes- old navy ballet flats

What say ye, bloggers? Keep or donate?


Sara althauser said...

Like it. But how often would you wear it in Florida.

MaryJean Lunde said...

Keep the jeans and flats. The sweater however, I would put as a maybe. From one cold weather to warm weather transplant to another...you probably won't even touch your "warmer" clothes for at least a year. I never wore any of mine the 2 years I lived in Florida.