Monday, January 19, 2015

Thumbs down edition

Pulled these jeans off the hanger and immediately cringed. Boot cut? Ugh. 

Put them on and cringed again. 

Jeans are a no. A hard no. They're going into the donate pile as soon as we get home from our family date to Costco. 

Shirt is comfy and causal. I'll keep it as a replica from places I've lived. 

So the thing that surprises me about these jeans is my booty. You see, in real life, I don't actually have one. These jeans make me feel bootylicious. 

1 comment:

Dana Smith said...

I agree about the jeans, they just aren't the right fit for you, but that style looks good on me :) I guess that is why they make all different styles :) Still love the shoes. T-shirt is a t-shirt... It doesn't look bad and if it has sentimental value (like it sounds like it does) then keep it. You have to have a couple t-shirts in your drawer :)