Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More pattern mixing

Today I'm not planning on much. Maybe the grocery store for a delicious kombucha. I'm nannying an itty bitty newborn so I've been hanging out around the house a lot. She's so cute and little. (Seriously smaller than E was at BIRTH at a month old). There aren't enough heart eyes for baby girl!

Cardigan- (it has brown faux leather patches) Delias
shirt- boyfriend tee by Mossimo
Jeans-forever 21 
Flats-old navy (same shoe as my black/silver) 
Necklace- @envedesigns on Instagram
Keep or donate? I'll keep my opinion to myself. For now. 


aka Brooke said...

Love the cardi and the jeanew... Can't really see the necklace. I think the tee and flats are so-so. :)

Dana Smith said...

Jeans, shoes, and cardigan are all keepers :) the jeans are very flattering on you. I can't see the necklace on my phone, so I'll check later on my computer (if I remember) then give you an opinion, but I'm guessing it's cute :) The shirt is hard for me to format an opinion on cus I don't really like floral. It doesn't look bad on you, just not my taste. But, that's no reason to get rid of something if you like it, just style preference :) I really need to do something like this. I have WAY too many clothes and it's hard to get rid of things by yourself. Plus, people feel like they can be more honest online instead of in person :)

G.Horton said...

You are such a fashionista C I love your choices