Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

So I think Washington is trying to make it harder for me to leave! What in the heck is up with this beautiful sunshine we've been having!? Today we ventured to Dash Point. Well, first there was a much needed stop at McDonald's for lunch! There was then construction on Pac Hwy which resulted in me being SERIOUSLY late to meet up with my friends!! I feel so bad because Carly was on time (as usual) and I was super duper late. Tardiness is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves! It doesn't help that instead of DASH POINT, I ended up at Redondo! (DOH!) It was really fun, and Julian had fun splashing around in the surf. He also quite enjoyed splashing Big G! :) We got some great shots, but our camera cord is seriously MIA! The tide was coming in, and it was coming in FAST! Gabriel slept through the entire adventure. Julian on the other hand, thought today would be a fabulous day to skip his nap. Let me tell you, two-year-olds STILL need to nap! Or at least mine does. He was so so so grumpy today! I was pretty convinced that he would end up in bed early, but he didn't fall asleep until his usual bed time of 9:30.
Tomorrow it is July 1st. That means it's the month that we're moving. The time has been going by so quickly, I don't doubt that our actual moving day will be here in the blink of an eye.
While hanging out at Dash Point, I started thinking about some things that I'm going to miss about Washington.
1. Family & Friends. This has to be top of the list. Family and Friends are so important to me, and they're seriously the people that have made me who I am today. I really fear that I won't make the same type of friends that I've made here. I have some friends here that I've known and been friends with since 6th grade. That's 14 years. Now some of my best friends I've only known since junior year in high school. The realization hit me today, that junior year was 8 years ago!!! WOW! I know that in my 4 years in Iowa, I won't have the opportunity to make friends that will know everything about me, but I hope to make some quality friends, nonetheless.
2. Washington, what I mean by that is we have oceans, mountains, desert, rain forest, all in one state. There is always something that you can do here, if it's indoor activities you seek, or out. I love the greeness of Washington. I highly doubt that Iowa will have the amount of green that we have here, especially after all of the flooding they've had there.
That's all that I am going to list tonight. I'm exhausted from chasing around Julian today in the sunshine! I will continue my list in my next entry.

For your viewing pleasure
Gabriel's 4 month pictures taken by my oldest friend Stacy Jacobsen

And my favorite favorite picture that she took!

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Katie said...

This is Katie (Widing) Rees. I love his 4 month pictures. I took Isaac to get his picture taken on Friday and was not successful. I had to wait 20 minutes and during that time, he fell asleep and was OUT! I've rescheduled for Wed. and I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have a blog too, but it's private. If you wait to view it, send me your email address and I will send an invite. Take care and good luck with the move. BE SAFE!