Friday, August 29, 2008

Julian is hilarious!

So every time we get in the car, we talk about some animal or person, usually Gabriel or Napoleon. Our converstation goes like this.
J- Mommy Poley has teeth?
C- Yep, Poley has teeth.
J- Mommy, Poley has fingernails? (Except fingernails sounds like fingermail)
C- Yep, Poley has finernails.

J- Mommy, Gabey has teeth?
C- Nope, not yet. He will soon though.
J- Oh.
J- Mommy, Gabey have finternails?
C- Yep, Gabe has fingernails.

I just think it's so funny that those are his classifications. Sometimes he asks if bugs have teeth and they must be super important classifications for him?!


~heather~ said...

I was just wondering if Poley made the trip out east with you guys! I'm glad to hear he did. Weird what these kids pick up on...fingernails and teeth?

Angela said...

HA!!! Well, our distinction between kids and grown-ups is who can drive and who can push a lawn mower and who is "too little" to do those things. Good thing he doesn't realize yet that I am an adult but don't have a clue how to mow the lawn!!
I love the conversations at this age! :)

shoppgurrl78 said...

Hey Girl!

Sorry I haven't written u back in forever. Thanks for all the comments on my blog. Always brings a smile to my face! Things are going good so far (knock on wood)I go in tomorrow to check progress & pre-op. So if everything goes well, it will be next week. EEKKK!! Yes, I am reading Breaking Dawn. I am OBSESSED with that series. Feel so lame cause I am 30 years old, & I love it! Hope everything is going good for you guys!!

Stacy said...

i totally missed you at the fair yesterday! we went and bought backpacks, and it was weird that barry wasn't there. i ate a krusty pup in honor of very first one wasn't that good =) i hope that i get to come see you soon! love you!