Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finished Breaking Dawn.

First I must say that I have a wonderful husband. Today, at about noon, we went to Hyvee to get some supplies. I had a bunch of diapers I was selling or trading. I had to mail out the packages. We ran out of packing tape while in Washington, so I needed to get some more tape in order to seal up the fluffy packages. We were going to try to buy my book at Hyvee (which for those of you outside of Iowa, is an employee owned grocery store). They didn't have the book, but we got what we needed and sought out the nearest Shared Branching ATM which coincidentally isn't far from our house! Yay! After we were finished at the ATM, Barry said, "Do you want to go to Barnes & Noble and get your book?"

I had forgotten, how I don't know, that I had preordered the book from Amazon. Well, I haven't changed my address with Amazon, so it went to my mom's address! I was totally prepared to have to wait the whatever amount of time it takes to go to Washington, and then have my mom forward it to me. So I was pleasantly surprised when Barry said I could just buy it.

I tried really really hard not to just sit down and be consumed by the book. It was literally an addictive substance for me. It pretty much took over my entire day. Barry and Julian went swimming at our complex's pool! Seemed nice and clean, so if I ever decided to don a bathing suit, I might as well do it there, right? Almost the entire time they were swimming, I was focused intently on my book! Gabriel was sleeping in the stroller, and it was relaxing, although WAY hot!

The entire day, Barry had more patience than I deserve as I sat like a permanent fixture in our *one* recliner! :) It was amazing.

Julian fell asleep by his own accord, as did Gabriel. What has happened to my boys?! Gabriel even slept in his crib last night from about 8:30 until almost 4:00. I was very impressed with my little boo. Tonight, he did the same thing, and fell asleep in his crib, all by himself! He's a big boy now! :)

Our friends from the complex left for Washington today! Please pray for them, and their 2 little boys that they make it there safely! I ended up not stowing away in their truck like I was planning on doing. I like Iowa fine, I just wanted a free trip to Washington :)

Tonight when Gabriel was jumping around in his Jumparoo, Julian was sitting on the little oyster chair we just got (from the neighbors that moved to Washington). Julian kept saying, "Gabes...hahahaha...Gabes....hahahah..." (You kind of get the picture) and Gabriel thought it was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! He was belly laughing SO hard! He's laughed before, but nothing like this! Julian thinks it is way funny to make Gabriel laugh. That is his new mission in life, apparently!

Man, I'm feeling like a zombie, so I am going to head to bed! I haven't blogged in a while, so I felt as though I needed to update something.

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