Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh my gosh...I should be fired!

From blogging! I'm horrible at keeping up! I've been suffering from insomnia. So you'd probably think, hey she's got TONS of time to blog. I find other random things on the internet to keep me busy until 3 o'clock in the morning! :) Not to mention these wonderful boys of mine, including Barry, like to keep me really busy, and HATE it when I'm on the computer.
This morning, Julian is watching "Rocket" and telling me a play by play. "Mommy they're going down the stairs." "Yep Julian, I've seen that DVD 950 million times." "Mommy, Rocket's going to find a home." "Uh huh, he sure is." So I decided to update my blog as much as I can while Gabriel is still sleeping.
Sometimes it seems like nothing has happened, and others it seems like much has happened.
I have a random bug story coming to mind. I went to WalMart the other night. It was about 9:30 at night, and I had brought Gabriel with me. He was sleeping, so I ran to grab a cart so I could put his car seat on the cart. I grabbed a cart and was talking to Jess on the phone. I looked down at the cart, and on the edge of the seat, where Gabe's seat would go was a HUGE grasshopper! Seriously, huge! Like 4 or 5 inches long! It looked at me, like it was so huge. I screamed really loudly. Jessica probably wondered what the heck my problem was!
Just imagine this thing staring at you...seriously.

I quickly hung up with her to assess the situation. I decided I needed to flick the grasshopper off of the cart. Yes that is the best course of action. Luckily, Barry's Time magazine and just come in the mail that day. Perfect! So I got my time magazine, and flung the huge grasshopper away from the cart, and toward some guy putting his kid in the car. Yeah he laughed at me. I told him there weren't grasshoppers that big in Washington!!! After all that it would have been easier to just grab a new cart.
I'll blog more and put more pics of my kids up later. Gabe woke up, and Julian's done with Rocket!


Debbi said...

oh yes, but there are fleas. hahahahaha

yeah, good luck with the bugs, but at least you have two boys to enjoy them - I always used gage to pick up worms or spiders or dead bugs for me so I wouldn't have to tough them. haha.

hope you are doing good!

~heather~ said...

LOL, my mom has a grasshopper like that who lives on her front porch by the door! Cooper loves him, I hate him...we have a love/hate relationship.

Angela said...


Good to hear things are going well in Iowa.

Don't you love the running commentary from our two-year-olds? It is so tiresome but I will seriously miss it when he's older.