Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Greetings from Washington!

The boys and I left for our adventure yesterday at 5:00 am! We boarded our relatively tiny American "Connection" plane at about 6:30 and left at 6:55. There were like 10 people on the plane, excluding us and the flight crew. It was nice, but I didn't quite understand why they stuck a single flying man RIGHT in front of us, but whatever. He didn't seem to mind the mindless chatter that Gabe provided, or Julian's inquisitive conversation about the clouds, and how to make 'Big Jet go faster'. We landed in Saint Louis, also known as, the friendliest airport EVER! Seriously. The lady from American Airlines was so amazingly sweet, I couldn't believe it was really happening! Not only did she clear whole row for us (no grumpy kid-hating neighbors, YES! Prayers were answered), but she let us PRE-BOARD! And I'm not talking, before the rest of the passengers, but after the first-class-flyin'-business-people, but seriously, pre-board, after only the flight crew. It was amazing not to feel rushed into our seats, and me adjusting the carseat. I will admit that Gabriel did fall off the airplane seat while I was adjusting said carseat, but uhm, luckily nobody else was on the plane to witness it! He cried for only like 10 seconds and was peachy keen. My boys were so wonderful on the plane. I honestly couldn't ask for better travelers. Julian was a little miffed that the didn't have hot chocolate, they probably did, but I'm not paying $5 for some instant hot chocolate, ya know? They were so good, and almost completely ignored by the flight crew, which is good, right? Oh Julin did have to go pee on the airplane, ha! It totally freaked him out when I showed him the toilet, but he did it, and now brags about his 'blue toilet' ;)

I somehow managed to take Julian, Gabriel, our Britax carseat, my backpack, Julian's backpack, our jackets, and 2 huge suitcases from baggage claim to the 'arrivals' deck of Sea-Tac airport, all by myself! Go me! Stacy picked us up, and Julian was sooooo excited to see his BFF 'Stace' :)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so it was good to fly in on her birthday. Julian was SO excited to see her, it was adorable! Gabe cried, but he was sosososososoos tired, and was totally fine after 5 minutes of chill time! We went out to dinner for her birthday and it was so so good! Kids are coming after me now, so I will blog more later!

Thank you SO much Heather for the tickets. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Yay for a good trip! What did you do with G while J went to the bathroom. When I flew with the kids, Ben insisted on using the bathroom at least 2x each flight and everytime I was reprimanded by the flight attendant for having more than 2 people in the bathroom (Lily was strapped to my back in the Ergo)!! What did they think we were doing, joining the mile-high club?

When we arrived at Sea-Tac I had 2 Britax's, my Pliko stroller, two suitcases and two kids. It was a sight. In fact, a guy asked to take my picture so he could show people. LMBO.

Have fun in Seattle. I wish I was up there with you!

Katrina the Medical Student's better Half! said...

yeah for a good travel day!!! Your pictures were SO cute for the baby contest and I think you won like 2 times! The pic of Barry one and one of the kids...I don't remember which one though.

Angela said...

Oh, wow, you are totally my hero!!! Hope you have a wonderful visit! :)

Suzie said...

Glad you had a good trip! I hope i can see you at least to say hi while you're here!!

Mary Jo said...

Wow that's amazing! I'm so excited for you. Have a great time with your family - you totally deserve it! MJ

Ty and Jenn said...

I am glad you were able to visit your family. I hope the flight back is just as enjoyable.