Saturday, March 28, 2009 say the least.

Well Gabriel, once again, woke us at 3:15 am. This time, there was a twist! A temperature of 102.6! Yikes! We quickly dosed him with Motrin, and he fell right back to sleep with the aid of his trusty pal, Bink. **Please remind me to blog about operation "Bye Bye Binkie" ** At approximately 7:02 this morning, he woke again, and was burning up again. A quick temperature check showed him at the steamy temp of 101.6, while he was still under the Motrin! Yikes again. Barry got out his otoscope, and checked out the situation. He noticed Gabe's right ear drum was red and swollen.

Today was Julian's birthday party, and after giving him Tylenol upon waking, and Motrin at the party, Gabe was quite the trooper. When we got home from the super fab party, pics to come later, Gabe's temp was back up there, and he just couldn't get comfortable, even after more Tylenol. So, we opted to go to the ER.

The ER trip was a little interesting. So I've never taken a child to the ER. Luckily, we have a children's hospital within a short driving distance. We first signed in, and told this woman behind bullet proof glass our name. I spell out Gabriel's name, and she automatically puts an "a" at the end?!?! So we go into the triage room, where Gabe got to practice his standing skills, and was weighed. I forgot how much he weighed, but it was a lot, and also in kg. Then we moved to the waiting room. Here's where my adventure starts.

I'm pretty sure there was a drug deal happening in the ER waiting room. Seriously. Prescription pills.

Then there was the barfing kid. Seriously, never heard so much barfing in all of my days! **shudder**

Then there was the almost accident, that actually wasn't almost at all. They have an automated door that you have to push a key code to get in. Gabe thought that every time the door opened, that meant he should go in. So I was standing, seriously, 12 inches from him, and the door closed. He was pretty close to the door, but there's no way he was actually going to smash his fingers in the door. A tiny littler nurse, like 5' tall, gasped, and totally made a scene. I said, "I'm right here. His hand wasn't going to get smashed." She said, "Oh, it scare me." (No there's no typo there.) I scooped him up, then sat him down again.

Then Gabe begged for food from these kids eating chips.

THEN we finally get called back. The nurse comes in, does a pulse ox on him, 99, perfect. He was having rapid breathing, but was still getting enough oxygen, so that's good. The nurse practitioner comes in, and I tell her his symptoms. She listens to his breathing, and I tell Gabe, she's just listening to your heart like daddy does. And she asked me, "Your husband is a doctor?" I said, "Not yet. Medical student at DMU." She nodded. Then she gets out her otoscope, and I say, "OH my husband did notice his right ear was red, BUT he's just a first year, sooooo." And she and the nurse laugh so hard?! She agreed with Barry's diagnosis of an ear infection. He also has a cough, and so she prescribed him an inhaler! :( I hope he feels better soon!


Shannon said...

poor gabe! hadley was up all night friday night, and when i finally took her temp. it was 103... we went to the ER and they confirmed it was an ear infection. i hope gabe is feeling better today.

Ashley Webb said...

Oh, Christia! What an ordeal! Let me know if you need any help. We would love to have Julian come play anytime if you need it. I love the way you write - so entertaining. And I understand your frustration about the nurse and the door. A few days ago a security guard almost called child services on me because Brooklyn was standing on a chair. Whatever... :)

Suzie said...

Aww..poor Gabe :( I hope he's feeling better..that's no fun