Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh what a night & morning.

So Julian is officially three and Gabriel is one, doesn't that mean that they should sleep through the night? I think I need to clean out their inbox or something, because they are definitely NOT getting that memo. Last night, I woke to Gabe crying at 3:30 am. Generally speaking he's not a crier, and a good sleeper. So I got up, went into his room, to see if perhaps, his binky had jumped ship. It had. So, I quickly laid him back down, and turned on his mobile and crib music thing, and his eyes became droopy, so I hastily escaped. As soon as I closed the door, he was up and crying again, SO not like him. So I scooped him out of his crib, and what do you know, he's WIDE AWAKE. I brought him downstairs, and made him a 4 oz. bottle, yeah I know, he's one, he doesn't need a bottle in the middle of the night. I didn't think to change his diaper, and fed him and put him back in bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I have trouble doing that, I hear him cry again! This time it woke Barry, and he went in to assess the situation. He determined that a diaper change could remedy the problem, and ran downstairs grabbed a new diaper, and changed him, put him back in his crib with a binky, his eyes got droopy & then, Julian bounded into our room!!!

Julian is like me, once he's awake, he as trouble falling back to sleep. I tried to put Julian back into his bed, but it didn't work. He was up. He said, "Mommy I want you." which is his way of saying I'm tired but don't know what to do, so I bit the bullet and went to lay in their room. Gabe had heard all of Julian's antics, as well as Barry and I taking turns putting Julian back to sleep, and wasn't happy. He was crying again! So I get the bright idea to put them in the same bed! Right! Gabe will be happy because he's not alone, and Julian will be happy because he's not alone. Uhm, no. Not my smartest move ever. They decided it was time to PLAY, at 4:30 in the morning! I finally got Gabe to sleep, in his crib, and Julian to agree to stay in his bed, with promises of capturing bugs today, for sharing time.

Fast forward to 8:54 am. Julian runs into my room, freezing, because he won't sleep in any clothes but undies, they all make him too 'sweaty' ! I look at the clock and freak out! We leave for preschool at 9:12 at the latest! So I manage to get both boys dressed, me with some decently matching clothes on, and gather Julian's snack and sharing time stuff, (not bugs) and get him to the school at 9:31! Pfew! What a morning! Please boys, sleep tonight.


james and natalie said...

you are a great writer christia! seriously, i was so entertained the whole time i was reading about your sad little night. i hope things go better tonight so we can do some serious garage saling tomorrow! yeah!

Rhonda said...

They just miss their grammie...I miss them too! LOVE MOMMY