Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...I have the best kids possible.

We flew from Seattle this morning home to Iowa. Our flight left Seattle at 6:10 am, which means we had to be at the airport SUPER early. I literally set my alarm clock for 3:00 am! I honestly have never seen that side of three am before! Gabriel woke up shortly after I did, we all 3 slept downstairs at my MIL's house. Gabe slept in the crib, and got the best night's sleep for the whole week. Julian fell asleep shortly before 9, and woke up at 3:30 when I was attempting to get him dressed without waking him! HA! We all got dressed and piled into my FIL's car (bless him for taking us soooooooooooooo early this morning), and battled no traffic to the airport. There weren't many people at the airport, which meant security wasn't absolutely horrible, just a little bad. Also, bless the TSA agent that after my stroller went through the x-ray machine, popped it open so I could put Gabe in instead of watching me struggle with the 29347329874032 bags and baby paraphernalia that I needed to travel with! We got to our gate with time to spare, so I tried, with no avail, to get Julian to potty. I then decided pastries would be fabulous, and spent the best $8 of my life.

Seriously. If traveling with children, buy this, or something like it. No lie, Julian colored almost the entire flight from Seattle to Chicago. Insane. Gabe and I napped, and Julian colored. We had a 3ish hour layover in Chicago. I was starving, and I assumed the boys were starving as well. I stopped at the first restaurant I saw, McDonalds, and ordered lunch. I packed everything into the basket under our stroller, took 2 steps and dropped my diet Coke onto Gabe's head. It bounced off his head and splashed ALL over the floor. Oh man! I was sooo embarrassed. A fellow traveler helped me mop up the soda/pop from the ground. I could tell he was mortified for me, as well as praying that I and my 2 kids weren't going to the same town he was! We made our way to our gate, and thus far the Chicago O'Hare airport wasn't living up to it's horrid reputation. I kept imagining that I was seeing celebrities, ha! The boys are like birds, and then were soooo done and we still had 3 hours until we boarded! Yipes!
Enter Alex! The most adorable 19 month old girl I've ever seen. The boys were both in love, and I think that she might have had a thing for Gabe! She hugged and kissed him so much. However, Julian was more her speed...like fast wise. They ran together and were sooo cute. Yeah we got dirty looks for letting our kids run a muck, but seriously, I didn't blame them for going crazy! They weren't totally a muck anyway, we were riiiight behind them, most of the time. Alex and her mommy boarded their plane, and we were back to square one. Restless & bored. We ran to the bathroom, where Julian finally peed, and then went to a book store. We bought this at Barbara's Bookstore. (Carly, that's what I'm getting Big G for his birthday. He will looooove it.) Both boys played with it. <3

Chicago sort of lived up to its reputation. They changed our gate twice about 15 minutes before we were going to board. Serious stress out by me! OI! We made it on the plane, and the boys were super fab! I have the best travelers ever! Never made a peep, except for Gabriel laughing because he kept stealing J's bink, and J was sleeping!

Next up for us, operation bye bye binky! Wish us luck! This operation starts tomorrow. We're also going to buy a Beta fish.


Carly said...

I'm so glad everything went well! AND, G will TOTALLY love that! Hahaha. I'm sad you're gone, but glad, at least one of us, can be in warm temps!

Angela said...

Wow, what a trip! I'm exhausted just from reading about it! LOL

I'm so glad it went mainly well and that you have such good boys!

Oh, and I've got to get Andrew that Toy Story book; he's obsessed!


Anonymous said...

Horray for a fantastic flight home. :) I bet Barry is glad to have you guys back.

Good luck on the bink removal. I gave a half-hearted attempt to break Ben's thumb habit, but I gave up. It isn't worth losing sleep at night!!

Suzie said...

Glad to hear you had a safe and relatively easy trip back home :) It was good to see you ..even though the visit was too short..I hope Andy and I can make it down there sometime, that'd be awesome!