Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Corn Festival = Heaven

I love Adel. It's so cute, and so fun, and just absolutely perfect.

This weekend was the annual Sweet Corn Festival. Saturday consists of a fabulous small town Iowa parade, some vendors all over the square, and you guessed it! Sweet Corn. We were lucky enough to meet up with some of our best friends, The Palmers. Julian loves them, and they are so fun!


On Friday, the whole town gathers to shuck the delicious corn. After the parade, they have all you can eat sweet corn. The best part {for a poor struggling Med Student and his family} is that it's absolutely FREE!

I've eaten corn my entire life. Who hasn't? This was the best corn ever! So delicious. Gabe thoroughly enjoyed himself. Julian, uhm, he liked the candy that they threw at the parade.

Here's Gabe riding the shuttle to the parade-the only way to go, in my opinion

Julian riding the bus

It was super hot! Like 90ish degrees with tons of humidity. Gabe was a thirsty guy

Julian obviously needs a haircut!

I love this crazy baby!

This was the best part of the parade....ok maybe not the best, but the most appreciated. That water felt amazing, because it was SO hot!

There were a lot of firetrucks {or were they engines?} from the surrounding cities. The boys enjoyed them, aside from the loud siren. Gabe didn't like the sirens so much.

We promised Julian that there would be tractors, and were there ever!

There was also a fabulous marching band. Barry and Julian loved it. Barry was a bit jealous though, that the students were able to wear jeans or shorts, and a marching band t-shirt. He had to wear one of those funny marching band outfits.

The Adel Rotary Club rode this crazy bike. There were probably 10 or so people riding it!

I just love how this one turned out

I've never in my life been able to do a cartwheel. I was always too tall or too awkward. In the middle of the parade was this tumbling troupe. These less than 10 year old girls doing super duper fancy tricks in the middle of the street. I was very impressed!

We know this guy a little TOO well

I love these little kids in the corn suits!

LOVE this car

You can't read this sign, but it says Raffle for 1/2 hog!

Town Center

Here we are waiting for sweet corn

Here it is! The sweet corn!


Barry cheesing with his corn

Here's James


Brov going to town

J was bummed-he ate all his ice cream.

SO sweaty, and drinking shakey water

It was so much fun! We can hardly wait for next year's festival.


Debbi said...

Seriously, I miss Iowa everytime I read your blog. I LOVE Adel and this really made me miss it! I love the corn festival, once I went out there with just Gage (because I was prego with Noah) and stood in line by myself - wade was studying - just so I could get that corn...haha, I looked so dumb, but I didn't care!...I'm glad Barry was able to come with you, your pictures are GREAT!

Elizabeth LeConey said...

i want some corn now!!

Angela said...

What a great festival!! I really, really want some corn now!! :(
Your family is so cute!

james and natalie said...

i can't wait either! it should be our tradition to go together! we have so much fun with you guys!

Shannon said...

looks like a great day!!! i love the pic of the boys shoes... so cute!!! and the picture of gabe eating the corn is priceless!!!

btw, i want corn now too!!!!

beauty school drop out said...

looks like you had fun. Nolan saw the corn picture and told me yummy. I think he wants corn now.