Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They were quiet...too quiet.

Yesterday, my boys got along, pretty well. Some days, they fight and fight and fight. All. day. long. Not yesterday. Yesterday they played well together, shared, and were geniunely nice to each other. It was a good day. Until, Julian or Gabriel, not entirely sure who did it, hurled a roll of toilet paper down the stairs. Julian exclaimed, "Mommy! It's a shooting star!" I really, really, really, didn't want to go upstairs to see exactly what they'd done.

You see, we buy our toilet paper and paper towels at Costco. Which means, since we just stocked up, we have a lot of paper towels and rolls of toilet paper. They are kept in our linen closet outside of the bathroom. Said closet is usually closed, and the boys hardly ever pay attention to it. Julian must have opened the closet, and had at it.

After the beautiful shooting star, I walked up the stairs, saw this, and walked downstairs to get my camera. I knew it would be 'good'.


Julian, heard me coming and threw some paper towels at me

And ran away

Angela, I'm sure this is killing your OCD! Sorry! I was pretty mad. I asked Julian why he did it, and he responded, "Because Mommy. It was sooooooooooooo fun." Seriously. I wasn't too mad after that. He (and Gabe) did help me clean it up. 2 garbage bags full of paper towels and toilet paper. I told Julian he hurt the Earth, and that really makes sense to him. So I don't think he'll be doing it again.

My parents and little sister, and nephew come in tomorrow! We're very excited. And I will be cleaning alllllllllllll day!

Barry is also being commissioned in the National Guard tomorrow! So there will be some fun posts to come!


jmason said...

OMG!!! I'd be so upset but laughing at the same time! BTW, love the gabba undies!!

Sarah said...

oh no... but seriously, that is better than the mess Sammy and Ethan made yesterday in Liam's room... you don't even want to know!!!

Angela said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! Hey, as long as it's not MY house! LMBO

That really is cute. I would have laughed after I got over it. ;)

Jaime said...

"Hurt the earth," I like that one. I've been trying to figure out how to get it through to Ashtyn why we can't climb up on the bathroom coutner, wash our hands and then leave the water running all day long....

Also, love the undies. couldn't be better!