Friday, August 28, 2009

Barry got his uniform!

It's official, Barry's a 2nd Lieutenant in the Iowa National Guard. (I mean technically it's been official since he was sworn in on the 12th) but now he's got the uniform and everything! I went to knitting last night, and Barry's uniform had come UPS. He was really excited to try it on. But didn't. Until I was at knitting. He then sent me a picture message.

When I got home from knitting, Julian was just about asleep. I got to give him a goodnight kiss, and then he and Barry continued reading 'Yoshi' which is really Kevin Henkes Chrysanthemum (AKA Julian's favvvvvvvvvvvvorite book!) They like to switch out character's names for something a bit more fitting for a boy! Yoshi, Mario, Dragon, Ghost, Mrs. Twilight <3, Donkey get the idea. It really is the cutest book ever, when read properly. Anyway, after Julian fell asleep, Barry came downstairs. He told me something so funny about his uniform.

Julian calls his beret his art hat.
J-Daddy, will you put on your art hat?
J-Your art hat. With your army man outfit.
Awww SO cute! I seriously love this boy. Also something else funny occurred with the beret. Barry told me that he had to shape it. I asked him what shaping it meant, and said he probably had to block it (since it's wool, I know a lil' about wool).
B-Mike said I have to get it wet and then fold it down.
C-Yeah, that's blocking. Why do you think my knitted items are always wet on the table, and I get mad when you move them?
B-Oh, I thought they were just drying.
C-Yeah, in a specific way.

Ha! I totally knew what he needed to do with the hat!

Here are some pictures, because really, that's what you're here for!

Barry's commissioning with Lt. Hubbard

How Gabe and Julian spent the commissioning

All done with the swearing-in

And just because it's cute. Gabriel is CRAZY! He's so much more physical, so much more agile, and so much more daring than Julian. Gabe does things Julian can do. Physical ability wise, there's not much of an age difference between the two. Gabriel had wandered into the kitchen. I heard him move the dining chair around, but that's not unusual. When he started yelling mamamamama I went in to see what he was up to.

See now, our table is tall. It's really tall. And he climbed up there all by himself. He looks so annoyed that rather than rescue him from his perilous location, I decided to take pictures.


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Angela said...

LOVE IT!!! Love the pics. Love your boys. Such a cute story about the hat. LOL