Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February, already?

It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas, but that was over a month ago. So begins February. So begins the month of my baby's birth, the year he will turn two. Really? It's nearly impossible for me to imagine that this summer, Gabriel will be the same age as Julian was, when we moved here. He's a darling sweet boy, who is talking more and more. He loves to run, jump, do circles, and bully his big brother. His favorite place to color? The wall. (Mommy's favorite tool for cleaning up his masterpieces? Magic Eraser.) He desperately wants to be big. He's not satisfied being a baby, and nightly points at Julian's bed and says, "There?" If only he would sleep there.

His curly hair in the morning is a mess. Matted with sleep, but still manages to bounce when he runs. He has THE cutest laugh, and smile. I just love that darling boy.

The boys' birthdays are a little more than two weeks apart. Gabriel is February 27, and Julian is March 16. Since we're moving March 1, and then leaving for Washington for 3 weeks, March 6th, we decided to take the boys to Build-A-Bear-Workshop for an early birthday present, before our lives get crazy! We took them Saturday night, and it was a really fun family date. Julian kept saying he was going to pick out Hello Kitty, which would have been fine with us. Whateves, his buddy, ya know? We were a little surprised that after two weeks of insisting he would pick out Hello Kitty, he picked this guy:

Gabriel, no surprise here, picked this guy:

Pushing all of the buttons at Build A Bear.

I didn't get a picture of Julian putting the heart in his frog, but here's Gabe doing the same


Here's how Gabe felt about the machine that fluffed up his puppy.

Cleaning his frog

The stylish outfit Julian picked out for "Frisbee" the frog

Gabe? HE didn't care about clothes for his Puppy, Peter. He just needed SHOES!

After dinner, we went to the play place, to get some wiggles out. A million other parents had that same idea, because the mall was BUSY!

Yeah, this is how Julian smiles now?

Here's Gabe telling us where his nose is.

And just one more of the cutie cute, birthday month boy!


Angela said...

FUN!!! I still haven't ever been to Build-a-Bear. I'm just too cheap. LOL

Your boys are SO cute!!!!!

jmason said...

So cute!!! and my boys haven't been to build a bear either. Love Gabriel's curls!

Devin & Shalise said...

Aaww they are both SO cute and getting so big!!crea

Carly said...

Oh my gosh, Christia, they are so adorable... Every picture of Gabe is less and less baby and more big boy. He is SUCH a good looking boy! And, not to forget Julian! I loooove the cheese smile.

Shannon said...

love the curls!!! so cute!!! we haven't done build-a-bear in a long time. isn't is amazing how some days seem so long, but the years go by so fast? happy b-day month to gabe!!!