Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cullens...

...must really like to play baseball here in Iowa. OY! Last night was a long thunder storm. Which meant first I had an anxiety ridden Chihuahua begging to snuggle. One that kept shivering every.time.the.thunder.came. And then after I put him back in his bed/crate, and finally snuggled back into my pod, GABE came in. He was easy to settle back down in his bed, but he wanted me to snuggle him. So I did. And he's not the best bed partner. Especially in a twin bed. His feet end up in the most uncomfortable places. Your rib cage, your back, I mean imagine a place a size 9 baby foot shouldn't be? And that's where it is.

Julian's finally sleeping back on his top bunk bed. He's been on a sleeping in a 'nest on the floor' stage for a while. I'm glad to have him sleeping on his bed again. Both boys slept until 7:30, and Gabe is still, at press time of 8:18 am, sleeping! AMAZING. He's not a sleeper-in. But we did put their curtain back up, and apparently it's helping them sleep longer.

Today is Julian's last day of preschool. I'm sad, he's sad. And Miss Sarah's moving to Washington (state). He had her as a 2 year old, and a 3 year old, and now I told him, "She's going to go live in Washington, by Grandma." Which isn't exactly true, but he doesn't know that Tacoma isn't the same as Puyallup!

I do want to get some sort of homeschooling, or learning books for Julian and for Gabe to do this summer. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know Julian's ahead of the curve now, and I want to keep him that way. He loves to learn/read/write/draw, so I need to capitalize on that. Gabe likes to do whatever his brother is doing. :)

I've gotta get the boys and myself presentable for last day of preschool! Maybe I'll take some pictures of our picnic in the 'Jesus Room' and post them later!

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