Thursday, May 6, 2010

Early Mother's Day!

I did it. I convinced Barry of the worth of the ultrasound. And explained that Julian will be a lot more comfortable, in a non doctor's office setting. And that even if they can't tell at 16 weeks (which in reality they should be able to) I'll be able to go back for free. At that point, he'll be done with class work at school, and on his own study schedule for boards! (14 days and counting!!!) So if we have to go in a week later, not a huge deal. He just stays later at the library! So on May 26th, at 8:45 AM we will be heading to the ultrasound place, and doing it! I asked if it was OK to bring my 4 year old, and she said yeah, there's seating for 7. SO if you want to go...LOL! I do need to find a sitter though for Gabe. I know Julian will be fine, but G?! I'm not so sure. He's kind of a maniac. I'm really, really excited to know! And I'm not nervous about them telling me the wrong gender, because it's so early, because they are super trained professionals. I think, honestly, if we are having a girl, I will be in SHOCK! Seriously. A Palizzi girl!? Really? What are those ;) We are still talking names, and I asked Julian last night, which boy name he liked, and he said, "MOM, it's REALLY a sister. I've told you this a million times." (That was literally his quote.) So we'll see if he's right.

I have an appointment, with an ultrasound, tomorrow. I hope they give me a picture or something for Julian. He's really all about the baby. I posted this on facebook, but the other day, we were driving, and he said, "Mommy, we really need a rocking chair so I can rock my baby sister to sleep." How freaking sweet is that? Seriously?

Julian's almost done with preschool. He has school today, Tuesday, and then a picnic at the park on Thursday to celebrate his last day! I can't believe it! And I can't wait for school to start again. Both boys will be in school! J M/W/F and G W/F! It's going to be WEIRD! I think I'll miss my one on one time with G. We have a lot of fun when J's at preschool! But he definitely needs the socialization aspect. He's not shy, but he's definitely a mama's boy! Definitely.

I haven't been in a picture taking mood, so I don't have anything cute of them to post. I did make something pretty cute. My friend Dana was saying that she was having trouble finding something for her baby to wear to a wedding this coming weekend. She said the shade of purple she had to match was really weird. So we went to Joann's and found a striped cotton on clearance for $3/yard, and the purple matched PERFECTLY! Total cost? She already had the onesie, and fabric was a whopping $.75! It turned out pretty cute, IMO! I had to hand sketch the tie, I couldn't find my pattern I'd already made. It wouldn't have worked well anyway though, 3-6 months is MUCH smaller than 3T, in case you were wondering!

And back to babies, my childhood friend Elizabeth (Bizzie) is finding out if she's having a boy or girl today! I can't wait to know!!!


Heather said...

Pay attention at your u/s tomorrow! I swear, during my nuchal scan when I saw the baby I knew it was a boy. I swear I saw dangling bits.

I should tell you the story of my SIL's sister who invited everyone to her fourth baby u/s because she was convinced it was a girl, and when it wasn't, she ran out of the room crying hysterically. While her three boys watched.

Shannon said...

good luck tomorrow at your u/s... i have heard that you can sometimes tell if it is a boy that early, although i was told mason was a girl at my n/t scan.

congrats on the big u/s... so exciting!!!

i don't think we are finding out this time again... it's funny b/c we haven't told the kids yet. we figured we would wait until after my 12 week u/s, but carter did mention that he thinks we should have 1 more baby. when craig asked what he would want, he said it didn't matter this time because he already has a brother and a sister... good to know! lol!