Friday, May 21, 2010

Gabe had his MRI

Yesterday was Gabe's MRI. I'll admit I was freaking out a fair bit. He had to be sedated. I realize the MRI itself isn't too intrusive, but the sedation, and the "what ifs" following sedation really freaked me out. Then there's the toast. So he wasn't allowed to eat after midnight last night. Great, fine, he's my fat baby that likes to eat, but I figured it wouldn't be the biggest deal. Well, Julian woke up much earlier than G yesterday. So I quickly made Julian some cinnamon/sugar toast (really not much of the sugar/cinnamon concoction, but he eats it, so we do it) and told him, "When you are DONE you need to throw it away. Gabe cannot eat breakfast today." And he didn't do it. He put it on the tv stand. So when Gabe came downstairs, he immediately grabbed the toast and may or may not have eaten any. OY! So I told the nurse this, the one taking history before the anesthesiologist came in, and she said, "Honestly. We might have to cancel this." So she went to talk to the doctor, and I start bawling. I just wanted it over. I had emotionally prepared for this, well as best as I could, I just needed it over. And she's telling me they might have to reschedule. GAH!

The anesthesiologist said that she'd just give Gabe some Zofran, if we consent, and realize that there's a greater risk of aspiration, because he may have eaten. They also postponed the procedure about an hour to give more time between the possible eating, and being sedated.

Then they put in G's IV. I left, with Julian, for this. But Barry said he did pretty well, was really mad, and kept saying, "DADDDDDDDY, DOWN!"

Here's the little fellow after the IV, and after Julian and I returned from the gift shop with a sweet new hedgehog. Julian said, "Mommy, I think we should get Gabey a gift, from the gift shop. To make him feel better." AWWW!

It was about naptime, so he was already tired, if you can't tell!

And here's the big brother! He was such a great big brother, offering to do things first, sit with Gabe on the bed, just to make Gabe more comfortable. It was incredibly sweet.

Like I said, Gabe was already tired, so it took him a bit longer to come out of his 'nap' because he was really taking his nap! So we got to visit with the nurses. They were SO great and kind! They totally put us (ALL) at ease!

We should have the MRI results in a few days. I'm not as nervous for the results, as I was for the actual sedation and MRI, I think.


Emily A. W. said...

You are one loving and kind mommy.

Suzie said...

I'm glad Gabe did well, I've been thinking about you all and praying for good results!!

Jaime said...

Ty told me about this last night--hope everything turned out OK????