Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 11th of July!!!

So I'm from Washington. Y'all already know that. But did you know that I don't remember a single 4th of July without rain? Seriously, honestly and truly. Well last year, it didn't rain here. But that really doesn't count. This year, it rained on 4th of July (here in Iowa) and apparently, they can and do cancel the 4th of July, postpone it until the weather cooperates! This all happened without my knowledge. I sure did drive around at 9 pm on the 4th of July hoping to see some fireworks. If Washington postponed the fireworks for a better day, there would never be fireworks! As it turns out, though, postponing was a fabulous idea! Yesterday the weather was amazing, after some downpour in the morning.

So the boys and I decided to pack into the car, and drive the 3 blocks to the middle school. I put them in their (matching because I'm THAT kind of mom) pajamas and we drove to the middle school. We sat on a blanket and waited 20 minutes for the fireworks to start. After the first firework, Gabe was ready to go. He was crying and shaking and his heart was beating so fast. After the 2nd boom, Julian was ready to go too. Once we got back into the car, the boys were a lot more brave and pointed out the many fireworks that were 'broke into pieces' according to Gabe. Turns out? We had a PERFECT view of the fireworks from our DRIVEWAY! Too bad the boys were still too traumatized to watch them. Nothing like an emotionally disturbing night to help you sleep well. Gabe slept in until 9 am! And Julian until 8:30. I'd be lying if I said I didn't also sleep until 8:30. Sleep, glorious sleep.

Julian waiting for the fireworks to start

Gabe, doing the same!

The crazy sky before sunset


jamie said...

that is too bad that they got so scared- your boys are cuties!

james and natalie said...

oh christia, i miss you. i miss your boys and i miss playing with you guys. i LOVE the first song on your blog (golddigger) its like almost midnight in ohio and i seriously wanted to start a dance party. :)