Sunday, July 11, 2010

Le Slacker

So Barry's been in the field. In the field means he can't check my blog. So I thought to myself, if my reason for updating the blog can't read it, then what's the point of staying up late to blog?

This past week has been a little more chill than last. On Monday we had our good friend Laura over for dinner (yay for a reason to 'cook'! It's amazing how much I don't like cooking just for me to eat. My kids are what we call, picky. Which means they don't like to eat a lot of food. Well, Julian anyway. Gabe? He's an eater.)

It was also Laura's birthday this week, so the boys and I baked cupcakes! I LOVE yellow cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing! And sprinkles are a definite!

The boys also proceeded to be crazy while she was here, but thankfully slept well. I think they were trying to impress her.

Later during the week, they put on a play for me. Did you know? Superman and Buzz Lightyear are BFF? Well it's true, and I have proof!

Check out these abs!

Crazy Posers!


Gabe just adores his big brother

Laura came over again yesterday, to watch the boys while I cleaned a little. My mom is coming on Wednesday! (HOLLLLLLLLER!) and I needed to do some deep cleaning. I'm so thankful for good friends, and for her spending one of her last nights in DSM before she goes home for the rest of summer, to play with my kids and help me out! I love you Laura!


The boys do too!

Barry's home at the hotel for a little while, on base, and then will be back out in the field all week next week. He's having fun though, I think. They saw some cactus, got to play with compasses, and guns. And they had a frequent visitor in their tent, a dirty mouse that wanted to steal snacks, and a one time visitor, who met its untimely death, a scorpion! Julian's loving hearing about daddy's adventures in Texas, and asks me daiiiiiily when we're going to Texas. I am so excited to GET to Texas, not so much for the drive there.

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Barry said...

Those pictures cracked me up! I miss those boys. I'm glad Laura could visit and help out.