Monday, July 12, 2010

One of those days

Yesterday, and the previous few days have been on the rough side. I think the boys are acting out? And realizing that Barry's not here, and having some trouble processing that. Well Gabe especially. He's been a bit of a handful as of late, throwing things, hitting, just not being nice. I know that it's gotta be confusing to a little 2 year old, so I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, yesterday, after the 1 millionth time out, I'd just about lost it. So I called up my friend Jackie and we decided to go play. Best.Idea.Ever. So I have no idea where this park is. I know it's NEAR Saylorville Lake. That's pretty much all I know. If I ever want to go again, I'll have to follow Jackie, because without her, I'd still be driving around.

The first picture of the day. Ok so Julian? He's FOUR. FOUR. Not Fourteen! He already poses, dresses and acts like a broody teenager. What am I going to do when he's *actually* a brooding teenager?

Here he is again,testing me.

Gabe, not quite sure.

Jackie's oldest cutie, B!

Barry saw this picture on facebook and said, "Oh I love it when they play nicely together." If you'll notice, that's not at all what is happening. Julian is gleefully splashing the unsuspecting Gabe.



I LOVE this 2 shot series


I LOVE this boy! Jackie's son, B.

**Actually** Playing nicely

Julian's been super into building lately. Yesterday he built a house, complete with a Styrofoam chimney out of my steam cleaner's box! It was impressive.

My baby!

All in all, a super successful outing. Julian passed out in the car. Gabe stayed awake but passed out upon arriving home. That's the measure of a good play date! How long did the kids nap?

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yummy4mummy said...

What an awesome park! And what beautiful shots! (And beautiful kids to capture)
Parks are awesome for those days you need to get away from your kids and can't. Just let em loose and sit back. They are entertained by the "rides" as B calls them, and they wear themselves out in the process!!