Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just another manic Monday

I don't have a ton of wonderful things to say about monday. For some reason routine and things that have been done daily since school began in August are forgotten. It's hard to get a certain (almost) 7 year old to do things that are simply required. Exhausting. 

 This outfit is not my favorite. I finished the day with it. 
Sweater- Gordmans
Tank-Aerie (I like this. It's a great basic)
Necklace- envedesigns
Pants- delias but they are too baggy in the knee and calves and butt)
Shoes-Sparkly AE flats 
Sweater is in the donate pile. It doesn't hit me right? Like too short or too long. Wrong length for me. And same for jeans. 


Dana Smith said...

That's funny cus I thought the whole outfit was cute on you :)

aka Brooke said...

Now see... I love this one!