Monday, February 9, 2015

Three for one

I had a good and busy weekend. My husband worked on Saturday and I worked on Sunday. Somehow I think my work is more enjoyable than his. I mean three day old newborn baby orrrrr sick/injured people at urgent care?? Amiright??

Saturday I had a sick girl so we hung out most of the day. Hence the random outfit.
What you can't see is the fact that I'm wearing a sweater over a long tank. 
Tank- h&m
Leggings- mossimo
Shows- NEW leather chucks! (I know I'm supposed to be getting rid of things but I've pared my closet way down! These are a staple and I love them. 

I spent Sunday in the car and with friends. I wanted to be comfortable for the long drive and look put together. 
Shirt- baby gap tunic
Jeans- citizens of humanity ❤️
Shoes: doc marten flat boots

And today. 
Jacket- goodwill gap
Shirt- Costco 
Jwans- Hudsons (goodwill find!)
Shoes-steve madden booties from last year 

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