Friday, February 6, 2015

Thursday & Friday

Literally the shoes are the only thing good about this outfit. 
Sweater: f21
Tank: gap
Jeans: joe jeans
Shoes: you already know. AE sparkly flats 

Thinking about turning the jeans to cut off shorts. The booty is ok. They fit but that's where it ends. 

The rest, Gah I just don't know goodwill. 

Friday: aka 90s flashback 
Flannel: holister 
Shirt: random Henley from tjmaxx
Pants: mustard cords ❤️
Shoes: thrifted Docs
It works but I think the docs are just too bulky. I think my other docs would be a better option (the flatter ones). 

Sooo what do you think?

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