Monday, September 8, 2008

Again, with the slacking!!

In my defense, we have been busy!! I try to get out and do something with the boys everyday. Even running to the grocery store. Something to get them, and me out of the house! Somedays we go to Jordan Creek Mall to play at the playplace there. If we're at the mall, we ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS have to go to Pottery Barn Kids. Julian is obsessed with the puzzles on the tables, and the bells, and the kitchen set they have there, and most obsessed with THE DOLL HOUSE! He loves that thing SO much, and it cracks me up. Usually there will be another little child playing with the doll house, and so far 100% of the time, that other child is an adorable little GIRL! Now I know there's absolutely nothing wrong with Julian playing with a doll house, it just cracks me up that the doll house he likes is SO girlie!

We went out on Friday night, to buy Julian's Halloween costume. He's recently become obsessed with the Toy Story movies, or as he calls them, "Toy Movies" I ask him almost daily who he wants to be for Halloween, and it's always either Buzz Lightyear or Woody. So, I'd heard from my friend Kelly (Oh yeah I have a couple friends here now, thus the busy-ness!!!) that the Target in Grimes had Buzz Lightyear for $16! So thinking Target was a chain store, and most Targets have the sme things, I went to the one by us. No dice, not only did they not have Buzz Lightyear they had hardly any costumes at all. So we went to the SuperTarget that's also by us. More costumes, but still no Buzz! So we decided to bite the bullet and drive the 2 exits to Grimes! (Who knew Iowa would = paradise for me! 3 Targets in like a 5 mile radius!?!?) When we got to Grimes, they had the costume. We bought it. However, since Friday, (read all weekend) he hasn't wanted to put it on. That is why we bought it so early! I don't want him to be freaked out about his costume! So yeah. Now I'm trying to figure out what Gabriel should be. Part of me says Woody so they're theme-y but then I got a realllly cute costume at Gymboree that I kind of want him to be. Realistically, I know this isn't a big dilema...who cares, right? But it's fun to try to think what they'll be for Halloween. So let's hope that Julian decides that Buzz Lightyear is who he wants to be when he dresses up for Halloween.

I'm getting excited at the prospects of decorating my house for Halloween! I bought a magazine that had budget friendly decorations. Basically patterns for cutting out black spooky cats, and ghosts and stuff! I'm excited! I want to buy a wreath or my door, so I've been looking at those. I never thought I would see the day that I cared what was on my front door. It helps that my front door is abnormally cute! We live in a townhouse that happens to be brick, so it has charm! Then our door is navy blue (so is everyone else's) so the contrast is cute! So I'm hunting for a wreath. I want something fallish. I want to go to Bath and Body Works and buy some pumpkiny smelling stuff for my house! It is fall after all!!

So as some of you (my readers, hahahah) know, I'm am certifiably obsessed with Cafe Rio. It's a restaurant in Utah, and now Arizona I think. And it has the most delicious sweet pork barbocoa ever in the world. While the pork is good, the cilantro lime dressing is the best ever. My friend Barb, lives in Arizona, and she found me a copy cat recipe for the dressing online! It's perfect, and so so so delicious! Then I found a copycat recipe for the pork, and can you say, new trademark recipe? I'm serious. We're going to have that once a week. Some moms make meatloaf (MOM!!) and I make pork!!!

I finised Gabe's longies that I was knitting him. They turned out OK, definitely one of the first things I've knitted. Right now I'm working on two projects, a black and grey/gray alpaca scarf, and another pair of denim colored longies! I was working on Barry's scarf, and Julian threw my ball of yarn in the tub! Soooo I can't exactly work on it with wet yarn, it doesn't slide so well.

Today we have Mother Goose story time at the library! Jamie from my new ward told me about it, and I ran home from church, and signed my boys up! They were the last two slots! Now it's a waiting list for that particular time! We're also going to go to the YMCA to sign up there. Barry said it's only $8 to sign up right now (ends today?!) and then it will be cheap per month because we have little income! Yay for income based stuff!!!

Since I have a Point Defiance Zoo pass, I can get into the zoo here for free. We've taken Julian about 3 times, and he LOVES it. It is smaller than PDZA, but there's a wide variety of animals! Tons of African animals, and a baby giraffe! How cute is he seriously? We went to the zoo last week, with my new friend Natalie and her little boy Scott. Her husband is in Barry's carpool and study group! It was really fun. Scott didn't enjoy it so much, he's a bit small, but it was fun to have someone to talk to while perusing the animals :) We also had them over for a Cafe Rio night, and it was delicious. It was a collaboration between the two families. I did the pork and dressing, and beans, and they brought tortillas, rice, and lettuce! YUM!!!

One of my friends in Washington is going through some fertility treatments, and has a big procedure on Tuesday! If you can, please please please pray that it goes successfully! Thanks!!

Well it's 8:30 and Julian's still sleeping. I should take advantage of this peace and fold laundry, so he won't unfold it as quickly, or quicker than I'm folding! I will try to be better about blogging! (I know you've heard it before!!)


Elizabeth said...

you are too cute with your halloween decorating :-)

shoppgurrl78 said...

Good luck with the decorating. That is also something I love to do. And thanks for the prayers, I appreciate it!!

Stacy said...

WOW you do sound busy. I am glad you are having a good time! I am having an At Home America party, so I was looking at their clearance stuff online. They have a really cute wreath for $10! I think I am going to get one. I am crazy about front doors too! I posted some pics of Norah on my photography blog. I am really itching to get out there to see you! I think I will try posting some more on CL.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, halloween decorating, I love it! I just posted some pics on my new blog of my Halloween decorating and flower buckets. I'm a total sucker for wreaths, I got a great one at Home Goods. Check them out!