Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scary dream

So while I'm generally a night owl, I went to bed relatively early last night, for me anyway. I conked out at about midnight. I woke at 3:30 with the most random 'nightmare' ever! I was in a weird apartment, not here, and Debbi (NOT MOMMASON :)) was in my dream. We were talking, and I went into my bedroom to find my jeans, and there was a cicada on the floor. I screamed, and Debbi came rushing in, and then the cicada flew into my hair, I screamed really loudly (Fortissimo) and then woke up. Bizarre!

Since I couldn't sleep with the fear and adrenaline running through my veins, I decided to blog a bit.

Yesterday Barry had to stay late at school. It was Hospital Day. I guess it's where different hospitals come to the campus to recruit them to their hospital for residency. There's a fantastic residency here that I want him to get. Free housing! We went to visit him for lunch and went up to the bookstore to get Little G a DMU shirt. Julian was charming the older lady that worked at the store, and she asked me if he was a boy! LOL. Poor kid. He doesn't look like a girl though, so I chalk it up to her just being elderly? Anyway, they had a pair of baby scrubs there, in Julian's size. Since he won't put on his Buzz Lightyear costume, that we drove to three Targets for, I bought them in hopes that he'll wear them. The night before last, I had banged into the bed or something and said, "Julian my knee hurts." And he said, "I'll make you feel better mommy. I'm a doctor. Here's a sticker." So CUTE! He equates stickers and doctors and feeling better! What a smart kid. So I figure I'll order a few rolls of stickers from Oriental Trading Co. and buy the cheap stethoscope toy at Target, and call it good....IF he will wear the scrubs. He's such a weirdo because he has no trouble wearing normal clothes. He does like to strip down to his diaper, and sometimes, being honest here, takes that off too, but no aversion to clothes when he needs them.

We had a date last night since Barry stayed late at school. We went to McDonalds, yum! Yeah it was his choice, and he paid ;) Then we went to Toys R Us! I'm on a desperate quest for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. They have a 25th anniversary edition, and they are SO cute! I bought G one off Ebay for Christmas, and wanted one for J too. I found one at the Grimes Target (Which by the way is the same Target we found Julian's costume at) and it's a boy, which is what I wanted. The only problem is, he has blond hair, and brown eyes. Neither of my boys have that combination though. Barry asked him who it was, and Julian said, "A baby." Barry asked him what the baby's name was and he said, "Julian." So apparently it's a match! I think his real name is Johny something...ugly spelling.

He's been asking a lot for Grandma and Grandpa, so we did a webcam call yesterday! It was so cute, and he was such a punk. He didn't even want to talk. He just liked to look at the computer and see Grandma and Grandpa. He was really sad because we didn't have Yo Gabba Gabba on demand.

Gabriel is so sweet. He is seriously like a little love munchkin. He does this cute thing where he pulls in his bottom lip, and then makes a kissing sound. What a doll! It's funny because he's SO bald compared to Julian! Julian had a baby 'fro at 6 months, and G had a perfect haircut! We took G to the pediatrician for his 6 month appointment back on the 27th. He weighed 19 lbs 16 oz (Believe it or not, smaller than Julian was at 6 months!!) and 27 1/4 inches long.

My friends' retrieval went well! They got 12 follicles and 9 were ripe enough (I guess?!?!) to be fertilized. Sunday she will have them implanted, so more prayers that day, K?

Well sleep is alluding me no more. I am still on the search for a cute wreath for the door. I did find some cheap, but cute, wall art for the dining room so it's not so baron! :) I forgot picture hangers though, smart one! I will post pictures when I'm done!

OK before I go another thing Julian's been saying, ALL OF THE TIME, recently. Anytime I say, Julian you have to talk quietly, Gabriel is sleeping, he says, Pianissimo? And then I say you can be loud up in your room, and he says, FORTISSIMO! He's hilarious, but really grasps Pianissimo and Fortissimo.


Debbi said...

Funny about the dream, wonder what that was about?!?hahah! Wish we could have gone to the fair together! It sounds like you are getting right into the swing of things though, I think a DR. for halloween would be a cute idea - maybe it's good just to have all those dress up clothes around anyway! I want a buzz lightyear costume

Denise <3 said...

Oh my goodness, I NEED to see Julian in a Buzz lightyear costume! Even if he won't wear it for more than one picture, i NEED to see it! lol

Sorry about your scary dream, but yay for McDonald's (and all the other good stuff in your post lol)!!!

shoppgurrl78 said...

Hey Girl!

To answer your question, no not transfering all 7. I would for sure end up with 7 at once! :) Just 2. They still have a couple days to keep mulitplying, so I may loose some of those 7. I try not to think of it that way, but they will pick out the 2 best of what are left. It gets complicated, I know. I am glad everything is going good with you. Thanks for always keeping me in your prayers. You've been a wonderful friend to me, I appreciate it! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to get a blog update, I did a happy dance! And I love your new siggy, who did that for you? I need a new one.

Angela said...

No, my Lizard was a friend in college. She now lives in NC and is getting married Nov 1st!