Thursday, September 25, 2008


So one of my friends, Amy, had IVF on the 15th of September. And I've been praying and hoping and praying and hoping that she would get pregnant. Well, she did! Yay! I'm so excited for her. Honestly, words can't explain how excited I am for her. I've never really cried because I was happy, SO happy that tears just leak from my eyes without my knowledge. Today I did. If anyone in the world deserves to be a mother, it's Amy. She and Jason are going to be fabulous parents. I am going to continue to pray though that her numbers (401 at 10dpo) continue to rise, and if you're a praying person, please pray too. Seriously I'm so happy, I even called Barry at school to tell him! :) (PS her blog)

And in other not so exciting news, we went to the zoo today. Julian had a lot of fun. The weather is fabulous today! and should be all weekend, 80 and sunny! Ahhh! Love it! Tomorrow Barry has an anatomy test, so please pray that he does well on that!!! And then after that we're going to have a picnic in the park! It will be a good day!!

And Grey's Anatomy starts tonight! I will be turning my phone of from 8 pm until 10 pm central time. Thanks. :)

And I came to a realization today. There's a reason why I resisted Grey's so long. I wouldn't be thinking about Kristy as much as I've been thinking about her, had I watched it with her when she wanted me too. I also would not have had something to talk to my new friends about. Anyway, just wanted to say that there's a reason.


Debbi said...

don't speak or write a word of it yet, seriously this 9-11 time slot here is going to kill me, I cannot stay up this late, I am such an old person.

Debbi said...

and CONGRATES to your friend - that is awesome news! Love hearing stories like that - they make me cry too!

shoppgurrl78 said...

Thanks for the sweet message on your blog. I read it while at work & of course it made me weep. I appreciate your prayers, clearly it worked! I will keep you posted. HUGS!!! ~ Amy