Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I love him...

Julian was extra-especially cute today! (We've been on a Charlie and Lola kick lately:) Today we had a full day. We woke up, watched some TV, probably Little Einsteins, and Barney, the usual. Then we got dressed and went to HyVee. Before we left, I'd put Gabriel in his pack & play, to you know, play. And Julian said, "Mommy I want to go in Gabe's crib." So I put him in. Julian played with Gabe for at least 15 minutes. I'm not talking, 'play' like throw the blanket on Gabe's head and play peek-a-boo, or take Gabe's toys, like his usual idea of playing. He was engaging with Gabe, and sharing toys, and stickers, and making Gabe laugh. It was The. Cutest. Thing. EVER! It really warmed my heart to see them acting like buddies! At HyVee, they have these spaceship carts, they're just like the race car carts in Washington, just spaceships. Since Julian's on a Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear obsession lately, he loves space stuff, Jupiter is his favorite planet. He likes globes. Weird kid :) Anyway,he wanted Gabe to sit by him in the shopping cart! Awwww! We were at HyVee getting lunch to bring to Barry. He had a test today, and wanted to celebrate being done with the test, before locking himself in the library to study for his Bio-Chem test on Friday! So we ate lunch with Barry, where Julian proceeded to be adorable, playing in the storm, AKA the mitochondrial mist?! Yeah I don't know either.
We are trying desperately to grab hold to summer, to keep it here just a little bit longer. Today was 85 degrees and gorgeous! We definitely took advantage of the gorgeous weather! We went to the park, and Julian tried to play with an older littler girl. She had absolutely no interest in him. He didn't seem to mind though, and kept following her around.
We came home from the park, and then started dinner. Julian was so cute, watched Barney, some random DVD we had. I was in the kitchen making tacos...yum, and I hear Julian bust up LAUGHING, so hard. I came out of the kitchen to see what he was laughing at. Apparently, it's quite hilarious when Baby Bop sneezes loudly, fortissimo. (yes he said, Loudly, fortissimo) So yeah he laughed and laughed and laughed at Baby Bop sneezing. Then watched the DVD again after dinner until the sneezing part just to laugh.
I called my mom on the way to JoAnns, Julian had the phone, and was talking to her. He was telling her the story about Baby Bop sneezing, and was laughing so hard again! Seriously sneezing tickles his fancy! :)
So as I said before, Julian is obsessed with Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear, yet he won't try on his Buzz costume. We were at JoAnns to buy some double pointed needles for some pants/longies I'm working on for J. And we were looking at fabric, just for fun. He found some Toy Story fabric. We took it back to the cutter, and got a yard of it. Just a woven/cotton Toy Story fabric. He wanted to hold his 'blanket' and said, "Mommy this is beautiful." Gosh, heart = melted.
He was being so funny at JoAnns. They had bins/racks that were wire. They had random suff inside, like bird houses, $1 bins...etc. He says, "Mommy, look at the bird cages." I'm SO confused at this point, trying to figure out what could possibly be a bird cage. Yeah the wire racks are bird cages to Julian. What a funny silly boy.
Oh yeah, at the cutting counter, I had bought a yard of cute sushi fabric, and I said, Julian, can you say Sushi, and he would say it. The guy cutting my fabric said, "How about wasabi?" And yep, Julian said it. Same with ginger, California Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Nigiri, Shashimi, and I think one more.
When we left JoAnns, I said, "Julian you were so good in the store. Thank you." He said, "I didn't touch anything." How funny!!
We stopped at HyVee (again) to get stuff for dinner tomorrow. When we got back in the car, we were driving and Julian said, "Mommy, the moon looks pretty like that." Seriously, so cute. I love him. The moon is almost full today, and here in Iowa, there usually aren't too many clouds blocking the moon, and you can actually see many stars. When we were getting out of the car, to come inside, he looked up at the ceiling and said, "Mommy, look, space and Buzz Lightyear." Such a funny, smart little cookie!

Sorry that this blog is all about Julian, but today was a good day! Seriously, one of the best I've had since being in Iowa! Gabe was super clingy today, and is teething hardcore! Hopefully they'll pop through so he can be done with it! :) I love Gabe too, don't mistake this post! Gabe is the sweetest little baby ever, and so opinionated, even at 6 1/2 months!

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Angela said...

I totally agree! Most of the time (LOL), I really enjoy spending time with Andrew and the little "conversations" we have. This age is great!!!