Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh so many updates

First, in case you don't facebook frequently...we are having A BOY! Yeah I know, surprised surprise right?! 3 for 3!
I mean we have a pretty good track record, our boys are delightful and adorable, and sweet (well most of the time)
Here's Gabe, yesterday, he HAD to have his hat and his football. He's really particular!

And Julian, who's in that fun stage where he hates pictures.

Meet baby #3, Owen Barry
This a picture from the 3D ultrasound I got for mother's day! I'm SO incredibly glad we went there! It was THE best experience, aside from both boys freaking out until they saw 'baby' on the screen.
Scan 101460004

Scan 101460003

The only thing about the private u/s was that the baby wasn't exactly cooperative. She, the tech-who seriously was Leah Remini's twin- was able to obviously see the boy bits, I wasn't so convinced. Luckily, at my doctors appointment on Tuesday, we were able to get a very clear 'money shot'.
Scan 101590000

I think Gabe might have a career, in the future, as a frisbee player. He's so serious about it. Here he his, after his throw

Not much else has been happening here, aside from car trouble that freaked me out and had me super duper stressed. Luckily the repair is relatively inexpensive, so I don't have to rush into a new car to get out of my old one. Thank goodness!

Barry takes boards on the 21st, and then leaves the next week for Texas! I'm so nervous for that month, but excited because at the end of his training, we're going to go drive down and see him, and some of our friends that are being stationed at the SAME base Barry will be at! Coincidence? I think not! Destiny!

Gabe's MRI came back completely normal! Thank goodness! He was just blessed with a big head, which, believe you me, I knew :)

Someday, when my boys aren't fighting over 'building robots' I'll tell you the story of Owen's name. Until then, I've got to rescue them, from themselves.


Kira said...

I had to laugh at the tiny finger cursor pointing at the weiner. Congratulations, Christia!!!

yummy4mummy said...

Your boys are so so gorgeous. I think it will be fun to throw another boy in the mix. High chances he will be gorgeous too!!

jmason said... the first pic of Owen!! So cute! Love Gabe's frisbee stance...looks like he could throw a shotput as well!

Heather said...

Gabe and Griffin sound so much alike! I've seen that stance on Griffin when he's playing "baseball" which looks remarkably like golf.

CONGRATS on the new baby boy! I didn't know, so that was a total shock to me. I think I guessed boy so I assumed you'd be having a girl! Hey, at least you know what to expect, right? I love the name Owen. So cute!