Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day (2) at the Beach

You may or may not remember this beach/park. I broke/fractured my ankle there last summer. Julian's been hesitant to go back, since he remembers quite well, my fall in the huge hole. He always asks to go there, but is always scared when we actually do. When we got home, he was so excited because I didn't even hurt my ankle! ♥

We had planned to meet up with our friends, Jamie, Kaleb and Kaden! And got a bonus, some more friends, Mandy, Carter and Benton!

After lunch about to go hit the water again! (Miracle they're both looking at the camera!

Building Sand Castles

Scopin' out the water-

Intense, about something? I think he was mad I was mama-razzi


Another miracle. Playing together



SO much fun!

(For Barry)
Day #2 wasn't so bad. We spent a lot of time outside. We were invited to the Waukee Farmer's Market, and that was fun! The boys had cotton candy ice cream, and Julian didn't even melt down when they didn't have the rainbow kind! Progress, progress! We miss you and are glad you made it down to Texas. And Julian's even happier to know that they have toilets in Texas. PS Take a picture of a cactus for him! He's dying to see one.


Shannon said...

looks like a fun day at the beach!!! the first pic of both boys together is so cute!!!

Heather said...

I'm kinda glad Barry's in Texas cause I get to see all the cute pictures of the boys!

Lola Cate Creates-Christia said...

Looks like I am missing lots of fun. Sorry, but I have not seen one cactus yet!

Lola Cate Creates-Christia said...

What! Why do my comments show up as Lola Cate?