Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Barry

I'm going to try to blog daily while he's away. We'll see how I do.

Here are my gorgeous boys yesterday at the zoo! <3

I printed two copies of this picture off and will hang it above the boys' beds so that they can see daddy every night.

The boys wanted Perky Bears for dinner


Cute faces-


Gabe only napped for an hour today, so at 7:11, he's ready for bed. I'm going to get them all bathed up and hopefully down for the count. Our neighbor mowed the front yard today. So sweet.

We love you and miss you, and hope that you have a fun time on your road trip to Texas!


Kira said...

Awww your pancake bears are sooo good! Nicely shaped, nicely shaped.

yummy4mummy said...

Nawww i hope the time passes very quickly for you guys!

jmason said...

Great pancakes!!! They look awesome! Your boys are seriously adorable!...love J's haircut!