Friday, June 18, 2010

Dermabond, my new BFF

So what happens when you have Gabe, a crazy 2 year old, a bed, and a metal laundry sorter??

Oh yeah a trip to the ER at 9 o'clock at night.

We'd just taken the boys upstairs for our new nightly ritual of reading stories in our bed before putting them in their beds. They need about 15 minutes to chill out from their crazy antics. So we'd finished our first little story from "The Friend" and were about to start another when Gabe either jumped or fell, that part is not clear, off of our bed (Probably fell, since he ended up on his head!) into our metal laundry sorter. Barry rushed to him first, and it was a good one. Blood everywhere. Seriously. I sat there consoling Julian, who was freaking out about Gabe. He said, "Oh nooooo. Gabe has blood." So it was determined, after I cleaned the wound, how I ended up doing it and not my soon to be doctor hubby, I don't know. But I cleaned it up, and put a Dora bandaid on him, and we headed to the ER.

He cried when we had to take the bandaid off, he LOVES him some Dora. And he cried when it first happened, but he was suuuch a strong little boy. Every once in a while he would say, "Boo boo." And point to his forehead. They immediately got us into a room, and the doctor came in quickly. It was determined that they'd glue it shut.

Here's my baby playing ipod games while we waited for the doctor. Please note his furry hedgehog, Prickles. He got that from his brother. Julian picked that out when he was getting his MRI (NOT EVEN A MONTH AGO!) OY

He was upset when he saw the scissors, and they trimmed his bangs. It was right in the cut, and they just trimmed them closely to glue it shut. He was so brave and strong and I was so proud of him. With no pain meds, not even Motrin, he barely flinched or cried as they held it shut while the glue dried.

And you can see in this picture that it hasn't dampened his cute little spirit. He's totally happy, and will still occasionally point at his forehead and say boo boo, but that's to be expected. The prognosis is good, if he's lucky, he will have a scar to woo the ladies with ;)



Buuut for the record, the ER with my 2 year old, wouldn't even make the top 1,000,000 list of things to do on a Wednesday night. Not even close.


Sarah said...

Glad he's alright! That's scary. I love how you had to clean the wound too! If I had a soon to be doctor in the house, I'd make him do ALL the icky medical-type cleaning of wounds because it always freaks me out, esp. if they're deep X-P

We've yet to have any major head injuries with our boys, but we actually keep some dermabond in our first aid kit just in case, courtesy of my dad :)

Kira said...

Yikes!!! I'm glad he was such a trooper! Maybe the scar will turn out looking like a lightning bolt.

yummy4mummy said...

OMG what cut i am blinded by that blinding cute smile! He is gorgeous, and FWIW my kids have doozers all the time too.