Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More of Baby Owen & his name!

So, the Sunday before my ultrasound, May 23rd, I was on a mission to find a name for the baby. We had our girl's name, and have had it for about a year, maybe a little less. But we were solid on girl names, just like every other time, ha! But for boys we were all over the map. Barry loved Elliott, I loved Bennett, but the middle name was set, Barry.

Now, those that know me, know that I have a slight obsession with baby names. I mean I read "The Baby Name Wizard" for fun. (PS if you plan on ever having children, I highly recommend this book!) While perusing the book, and the Social Security Names Database I came across Owen. Owen is one of my BFF's son's middle names, but Owen Barry, it had a nice ring to it. So I asked Barry, his response, NO WAY. Shot down. Sad. Sunday night we were doing a 'car ride' to get our monsters to calm down, because sometimes, they just get tooooooo wild, and the only place they get calm, is the car. And Barry was telling me the names of the kids in his Nursery class. One of them was Ezra. I had suggested Ezra for Gabe, but Barry wasn't too keen on it, except now he was! So we were set. Ezra Barry!

And then in the ultrasound, the boys freaked out, so my dear friend Sandy took them out. We totally didn't invite her to be child care, dang it boys! And then I had to go to the bathroom to get the baby boy to change position. While I was in the bathroom, I got this overwhelming feeling of, this baby isn't Ezra. But sort of shrugged it off, not wanting to think too much about it right now. We brought the boys back in, and like I suspected, they were fine, Gabe especially, once they saw the baby on the screen. And the ultrasound tech said, "It's a baby brother." Julian's response was priceless. If you remember, he REALLY wanted a sister. He already has a baby brother, why on Earth would he want another? "Oh man! I really thought it was a girl." And that was that. A few minutes later he said, "Mommy it's baby Owen!" When we got outside, Barry told me that hearing Julian say baby Owen, made it real for him, and that he liked it.

Turns out the meaning is youthful, or something, which is the same meaning as Julian's name! <3

And here is a picture of the little fellow from Monday. I had a gender recheck at the elective ultrasound place. There was no mistaking it, it's a boy!

Baby Owen

Is it weird to be hopeful that he'll have my lips? I mean Julian sort of looks like me now, but Gabe is still so much Barry. I want a kid that looks like me!


Heather said...

That's a beautiful story! And no, it's not weird to want him to look like you. I still look at my boys and try to find me in there somewhere. Cooper has my knees and my height. I guess that counts.

yummy4mummy said...

Fantastic story. I love that Julian's and Owen's name meanings match. Makes it seem even more fated.

Mary Jo said...

What a great story! I love the name Owen. Joey was going to be Joey or Owen. Actually Owen was my preference but like you with Ezra, it just didn't feel like it fit. Congrats! I'm super excited for you!