Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Months, really?!


Yesterday was Owen's 2 month birthday! I have trouble believing that it was already 2 months ago that I was so huge! 2 months ago my mom was here visiting! 2 months ago that I only had 2 boys to take care of. But, the calendar says it's the 5th, so it must be true.

Owen had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I brought all three with me, why I didn't schedule it for a day when the bigs had preschool? I'll never know, but it went surprisingly well! And I don't regret bringing them. We played I-Spy, read books, and had a pretty fun time until the doctor was in.

I was guesstimating Owen to weigh about 14 lbs, and I was close!

Here are his 2 month stats:

Height 25"! 99%
Weight 13 lbs 12 oz 91%
Head Circumference 16" 91%.

I can honestly say he's the first of my boys to be taller than he is wide :) He doesn't look chubby to me, aside from his cheeks. His legs aren't overly roll-y (yet) and his arms lack the sausage rings (for now).

Here are some pictures from our 2 month shoot.

Boo-boos from his shots (I kind of love how his bandaids {or boo-boos as Gabe calls them} match his shirt and diaper)

He spent much of the day sleeping, poor baby

Or looking at me suspiciously

Not a whole lot of these (until 1 in the morning, which is his preferred smiling time!)

And, quite a bit of this

All in all though, it was a pretty good day. We took down our Christmas stuff, except the cards. They're still up. What on earth do I do with old Christmas cards? It seems so wrong to just throw them away. But I don't know how to keep them, or why I would keep them. Not like I'm going to put them back up next year. What do YOU do with old Christmas cards?

We went to Target after dinner and found some stockings, that match, and they were only $2.50 each! Seriously. Can't beat that! And got some lights for the house, but I have to go exchange them. Barry didn't realize that 2 boxes said green wires, and 2 said white. We want white :) And an adorable snowman decoration for next year. $25 for all of that! Love Target clearance!

My boys were so excited to FINALLY eat the candy canes that were on the tree!



The boys go back to preschool today, and I couldn't be more thrilled, but somehow I think their excitement is greater than mine.


Shannon said...

the time is going by so so fast!!! i love the baby smiles... i haven't been able to get with the camera yet.

Brooke said...

He is sooo cute! Great pictures! As for the Christmas cards, I'm suffering from the same dilemma. My mom will save the ones she can turn into name tags for gifts the next year - she'll crop the best part of the card and punch a hole in it and tie it to a gift with the to/from info on it. I got a ton of photo pictures this year so I'm thinking I might just buy an album to dedicate to Christmas photo cards.

Julie said...

The one's with pictures on them--I typical;y cut out the picture and hang it on my fridge for the year. I have heard of people putting them in photo albums. I think Mo did something like this--you can ask her. (It was either her or Lisa--who I am not sure you know.)

I like the gift tag idea for the other parts of the cards or non-picture cards.

Your boys are adorable!

Katrina said...

I have a ribbon board that I put the ones with pictures on it...the other ones I recycle for making lists and what not. Aspen didn't like getting her shots either. :(

Daily Bran said...

Great idea with the onesie!e

Anonymous said...

2 months?!?!

My mom keeps the old Christmas cards and then the next year cuts them up to use as gift tags!

Debbi said...

Okay, the cards. I really think what I'll do in the end is just use a box from IKEA and put them in there...I might make some cute dividers and use that. I just don't want to throw them out...I know that is silly, but I was looking at them yesterday and I found a cute picture of some of our friends with their 3 kids....well now they have 6! Times and families change so fast, it's fun to look back at I think. The album idea took up way too much space, I was going to have to start having a lot of I think I'll do a box.

I saw your posts and was so distracted by the cute pictures of Owen that I didn't even see this paragraph:)
Owen is a stud. I LOVE the pictures of him!

x0xJ said...

OMG he is so so freaking adorable. Look at those cheeks!!!
Do you think he looks like J or G?