Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've found it!


That? My friends, it's an EMPTY laundry sorter! Completely, 100% empty!

Now I know. Some of you are thinking, Yeah, yeah. So you did laundry. But, it's been since I was completely and 100% done with laundry! I read every comment, and tried to figure out what would work the best for me, and my family.

I realized a few things:

1. I'm a lazy daisy. So laundry sorter IN the basement, where our washer and dryer live will probably = more productivity. I won't have to carry oh so heavy bags down 2 flights of stairs, one of which, I swear is trying to kill me.

2. It's much easier to put away one load of laundry than fifty. (Right, that should be pretty obvious.)

3. I wear a.lot of black.

4. Socks still are the devil. But they're not so bad if I do 3 pair/day vs. 15 pair (roughly 3 pairs of socks/person x 5 days)

5. It's nice to have variety of clothes for me and my kids to wear. Instead of wearing whatever was just washed, and is thus on the top of the clean clothes basket.

6. We have a lot of laundry baskets! Hopefully I'll be able to use them for something more fun than holding laundry.

I feel really good about my plan of action for laundry! It doesn't seem so daunting, and I think as long as I maintain approximately one load a day? I won't ever get behind! One load every day is a lot less scary and stressful than doing one day of a million loads. Plus it's so much easier to put away one load than a million, which means I may in fact, actually do it!

I promise no more laundry talk! Unless of course, I fail. If I fail? I guess I'll have to reevaluate :)

And just so you haven't read this whole blog for nothing:

The big boys are out getting a haircut right now, I'll have to post pictures of them when they get back!


Kelli said...

instead of one load per day as your goal, say one load per day but being all caught up on ....(for me friday) or what ever, that way you have a safty net so you dont totally fail. Otherwise, moms will always fail. launry, ugg, kids life always going on. so add in a safty net.

Hansen's Fantastic Four! said...

Christia...your boys could all be GAP models or something...they are all so dang cute. mr. owen is adorable. I thinks its all their eyes that just pull me in. Fun pics.

Debbi said...

I didn't leave this on the post before, but I read on Becky Higgins (scrapbooker) site maybe last year about their laundry...she keeps all the baskets in one place, the master closet. Everyone has to take the dirty laundry to the one place and then sort, whites, colors, towels. I switched from having baskets all over the house to this and I LOVE it. We've been doing it for a long time and I love this, the boys know where to go with dirty stuff and I don't have to collect things all over the place.

The kitchen towel laundry goes straight in the washer though - our laundry room is off the kithen on the first floor.

I cannot WAIT until I have a laundry room on the same floor as our bedrooms.

I usually do 2 big days every week..pile it all up on my bed and then fold it while the kids run wild...aka...change into their pajama's right before bed. Then I hand them their stacks and make them (the older 2) put away themselves. Do they get wrinkled...yes, but are they doing it themselves? yes and I love that!

I don't know anyone who loves laundry. Good luck!

x0xJ said...

Yay! Glad you found something that is working for you!!