Sunday, January 2, 2011

Woohoo it's 2011!

So one of my goals/resolutions, whatever, is to blog more. Now I'm not trying to set myself up for failure and say blog EVERYDAY. I just don't have it in me. But maybe once a week isn't such a lofty goal? I want to take more pictures too! I love doing it, and man, my kids are cute!

2010 ended a little funny. Our power was out. I'd just gone into the kitchen to start browning the beef for tacos. I'd literally turned the burner on and was about to open up the beef. DARKNESS. And it's so weird when the power goes out because it's not just dark, it's DARK. After half an hour with no power, and knowing my boys would be getting hungry soon (Barry included) and not having any clue when the power would come back on, we went to Perkins. It was such a fun time. We laughed so much, the boys behaved, and actually ATE their dinners! Shocking for Julian, I know!

Julian was so excited about the power outage, he wanted to lay in his sleeping bags, by the fireplace all night. So when we got home from dinner, we watched a show, and then pulled out their sleeping bags. As we knew, they wouldn't fall asleep. So we carried them up to their beds. They still had fun pretending to sleep by the fire :)

Barry and I watched a couple episodes of season 2 of Lost. And then went to bed at 11! My first kiss of 2011 came from Baby Owen &hearts

The boys got these cool sciency food kits for Christmas, from my sister Angee. We didn't have the ingredients for the science one, but the gum kit came with everything. So yesterday, the boys made gum.

J made super sour watermelon. Gabe just regular watermelon. Here are some pictures from that messy adventure. (And Thank you Barry for taking care of this mess!)

Patting the gum


More rolling/patting

Dirty face, waiting patiently for his gum!


Gabey patting/rolling his gum

Julian's finished gumballs!



So happy. (He's seriously like this 90% of the time!)

Show me your gum!



We decided to feed our gingerbread house to the squirrels!

One beeeeeefy squirrel

Yesterday I was also able to FINALLY see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Finallllly! Thank you Barry for watching all three boys so I could go with Laura. We had so much fun eating Cold Stone and I brought my knitting! I was really excited to get home to this little guy though!

I really enjoyed Harry Potter. It just.ended. And that's not my favorite type of endings. I know part 2 comes out soon. But gah! I can't wait! I'm so impatient.

I really hope that 2011 is as wonderful for us as 2010 was! We really had a good year!


Sally said...

You sure do have super cute little boys! :)

Kaitlyn said...

great pics, as always. love the one of you and o.

Shannon said...

love all the pics... i'm so glad they made gum, i was thinking it was play dough from the pictures. lol!!!

happy new year!!! enjoy all your boys!!!