Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you ever...

...look at your child/children and think how did we get so lucky? I had a rough weekend, being sick, coughing, and Barry was studying for a huge Cardiology test. The boys were remarkably well behaved, almost as though they knew I couldn't handle much.

After being cooped up Friday, and Saturday, I decided that we should go leaf hunting. Around here there aren't many colorful leaves (in the complex) so we drove out to Adel, which is the cutest city ever, and hunted for leaves.

Yesterday, I picked Gabriel up. When I did, he made a kissing sound, and it totally melted me. I started thinking, how can I ever think about having another one? My boys are amazingly sweet, will another one work? We're not TTC, but thinking about thinking about TTC.


This picture impresses me. I was holding Julian above my head in a tree with one hand, somehow managed to focus and take the picture with the other!



This picture I like to call, Christmas Miracle. Both of my kids are looking at the camera, Julian is smiling, and they're not fighting. Definitely a Christmas Miracle.


Shannon said...

omg - i love the "christmas miracle" picture... melts my heart!!!

yes, i think children do know when you are at the end of your rope and can't take anymore. i'm glad you had a good time leaf hunting.

and yes, you will always find more love for another child. your heart will grow!!! but it is natural to think that... even after 3 kids, i still wonder how a 4th would fit into the family, and if they would be as loved as the others, even though i know the answer. i am in the *thinking* phase of wanting another baby.

p.s. i also love the pic of the boys holding hands!!! they are so cute!!!

Suzie said...

You seriously have the cutest boys!!! You are definitely blessed :) Love all the pictures!!

Angela said...

LOVE the last shot!!! Yes, we are all very blessed w/such wonderful children and hubbies! :)

Jaime said...

Your boys truly are so cute! Ashtyn was talking about them this morning when she was trying to think of all her "friends" that she'd get to see in costumes tonight. She always calls you guys "Barry's kids and Barry's wife." I think "Barry" sticks in her head because her fav movie is "A Bee Movie" whose hero is Barry the Bee.
Also, I totally know what you mean--not so much anymore, but for a long time I was quite concerned about having any other kids because Ashtyn was so perfect and wonderful! I already got the cutest, sweetest, smartest one possible, so it didn't bode well for any others. :) I'm over that now though and quite excited about girl #2 coming...! Better watch out though, at least for us, whenever we start thinking about thinking about having a kid, we get one a'coming before we've made a decision. :)

Hansen's Fantastic Four! said...

Oh your boys are too cute! You take great pics Christia. And great talent on the one with Julian above your head....u totally deserve to be impressed!!!