Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life... always passing me by. It's been almost a month since I've posted something. I don't know how or why that happened, it just did. I fail at blogging. But the best part? My blog always takes me back, despite my failure at keeping good records of my life, my blog is always there for me, with open arms for when I do have time to start posting again.

We've been sort of busy, getting into J's school groove, adjusting to Julian no longer taking naps {I seriously cry about this almost daily, lol!} and Gabriel being a full fledged big boy. No more baby in that boy.

I figured I should explain a bit about my pictures from Wordless Wednesday. Some of them are a little silly.

1. I had turned off our desktop, while my laptop was cordless in Des Moines. We took forever in ordering a replacement, so I was without my beloved laptop for over a month...{hmmmm there may be some REASON to my blogging laptop, no blog?} Anyway, I turned off the desktop so I could get some chores done. After I'd finished my chores, I turned on the computer. The boys came to play in the {clean} laundry that was sitting next to the dryer, waiting for me to fold it. A few minutes had gone by, when I hear this faint metal-y knocking sound. I looked over at the dryer, and both boys had disappeared. I freaked out. I had no idea where they were. I heard the knocking again, and realized it was coming from inside the dryer!! Seriously. I opened the dryer, was instantly relieved to see them safe, and then grabbed my camera for photographic proof of this happening. Julian calls that game, "Neighbors" He's a little crazy.

2. I don't remember Julian going through this, at this age, but at 19 months Gabriel has become VERY opinionated about what he wears. Seriously. I tried to put jeans on him the other day, he went and grabbed some knitted pants, longies, and cried for me to put them on. I laughed. This particular day, he wanted to wear his jacket, sans shirt, longies and Julian's crocs. The crocs are a size 12, which is at least one size to big for Julian, thus making them at least 5 sizes to big for Gabriel! OY! He loves those crocs though. His favorite pair of shoes, is currently a size 9 pair of black Pumas we got from my friend Julee. They're only two sizes too big, but he can walk in them, so I let him wear them.

3. Julian wanted to go leaf hunting. Currently there aren't many leaves on the ground just yet. This was one of the only leaves we found.

4. Just a cute picture of J's shoes. And his jeans. That he ripped. He initially had a cool 'distressed' patch there. Distressed for real, those were brand new jeans when we got them. He wore them to school on Tuesday, and when I picked him up, Miss Sarah told me that he'd been picking at the strings! Ugh!

5. Barry! In his uniform! Hot! Leaving for school. Part of ASR is wearing your uniform once a week to school. He's basically a student recruiter for the Army National Guard.

6. TROUBLE. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. That's really all the two of them are. They're BFF, partners in crime, all that jazz. Julian loves his baby 'brover' and Gabriel adores his big bro. The fight sometimes, but usually they get along pretty well. Every morning, Julian climbs into Gabe's crib, after throwing EVERY.SINGLE.BLANKET.TOY.AND.PILLOW. into the crib. And they play. What better sound is there than listening to your two children giggle. That beats an alarm clock ANY DAY!

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