Saturday, October 10, 2009

I said I loved fall....


This, is what I woke up to this morning.



So I realize that it's not much. Barely any accumulation, but really? Snow? In October? Not pleased. Not pleased.

Also, I raved about my new laptop cord, and how much of a blessing it was. How happy it made me.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

This is my beloved laptop cord. The cord that got me hooked back into the blogging community. (Right now I'm blogging from our ancient {5 ears old!!!} desktop computer. It's slow, and takes forever to do anything.

Last night, I was minding my own business, wasting time on the interwebz, when Julian tripped over said laptop cord. Gabe was standing precariously close to said outlet, and cord starts sparking. Like sparking. Julian didn't pull the cord, I think realistically he tried to jump over the cord, and fell. I was freaked thinking Gabriel was electrocuted, he wasn't. But laptop cord is going back to Amazon, and we are ordering a genuine HP laptop cord. No more of this saving $30. Not pleased about this. The cord was less than a week old, and we're SO lucky that nobody, my precious baby, didn't get hurt. SO lucky.

So I think I'm going to stop posting about things I love, or like even. Because it seems that as soon as I do that, the opposite happens :)


A Joyful Chaos said...

Snow? Really? I was sitting here complaining about it being 35 here in southern Missouri, but I'll shut up now.

That must have been really scary with the laptop cord.

Kurage said...

I woke up to snow too! Stupid snow! Seriously what happened to fall?? On weds I turned it straight from A/C to HEAT in the car.

That laptop cord blowing up is some scary stuff! My kids trip over my laptop cord all the time too, but the worst offender is the dog :(


Kara and Colin said...

Ohhhh that's scary! So happy nobody was hurt! I hate not having a laptop. So frustrating!

Melanie said...

I've got probably 6 or 7 inches on the ground here in wyoming! BTW I HATE the way your blog takes me to an ad thingy. Get rid of that would ya! I Love you though.

james and natalie said...

i agree with you... the snow made me sick to my stomach. i'm just not ready for it yet. lets take a trip to hawaii!