Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Au Revoir Summer

It's been a good one. We did a lot of fun things, and had fun exploring our new city. The boys have made a bunch of good friends in our cul de sac, and are never lacking a playmate. Well, until today. Today all of those good friends got on the bus and headed to their first day of Kindergarten. (We have 10 kids at our bus stop, and 5 of them are kindergarteners!) Gabe is a little sad. He misses his brother, he misses his friends. He's stuck with Owen. I don't entirely blame him :) My 1st Grader :) Wearing NONE of his new school clothes! LOL
So handsome and big! How did he get so old?
The crew! (big bus stop, no?)
The bus!
Waiting for his turn
Bye Julian! Have a great first day of 1st grade <3
Ahhh! How do I have a 1st grader already? I'm pretty sure he was just born, like 2 minutes ago! Time flies. And to think in less than three months I'll have another, baby number four! This mama is overwhelmed :)

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Miss Pink said...

First grade is a lot more fun. You are more seasoned ;)
Hope he had a wonderful day.