Wednesday, August 1, 2012 we meet again

So. Today marks 27 weeks, maybe. It could really only be 26 weeks 2 days. But whatever. I might be 27 weeks. Which means that there's only TEN weeks left until this baby could come. I mean, really, I've never gone into labor at 37 weeks, and the likelihood of doing so this time seems slim to none, BUT the mere fact that I could have a baby in 70 days is kinda freaking me out. Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and got the ruffle/lace/eyelet thing I wanted for the crib skirt. Then last night I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed of this dang thing. I woke up thinking about it. Apparently it's super important for my subconscious to finish this crib skirt. I'm really excited for the vision in my head, we'll see if I'm able to produce it. I also bought a set of grey organice cotton twin sheets. Julian and Gabe have a twin bunk bed, and I needed one more fabric for a crib sheet for Four. So I'm going to take the flat sheet, which they don't really use, it just ends up either balled at the end of their bed, or on the floor, depending on the boy, and make up the third crib sheet. I really wanted this Chevron Crib Sheet, but after making my own, $19 seems kinda steep. I tried to find a chevron sheet set, ha, but had trouble. Perhaps Target would have more variety, but alas we were at Walmart. Ew. Yesterday, my little sister Connie (who's here visiting for 2 weeks, yay!) and I went through my baby clothes. We separated the nb and 0-3 month clothes and I threw them into the wash. I have a few pieces of girl clothes that I've been hoarding for about 8 years now. HA. I bought some hangers at Walmart, I know, ew, and we'll get them hung up in the baby's closet since the dresser is reserved for cloth diapers. HA. We're going to take the boys swimming at the community pool today. They're excited, and I've forgotten how nice it is to be so light in the water. It's nice to have Connie here because she helps sooo much with the big boys in the water. I'm not sure I could take the three by myself. Anyway, before I go here's a quick comparison shot from yesterday. About the same time in pregnancy, between 26-27 weeks.
AND, in case you missed the earlier post. I have an ExpectNet poll. Winner will receive a fabulous prize. I'm thinking $25 gift card to Amazon or something! Guess Coconut

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