Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bi weekly?!

Holy Moses y'all! I have reached a monument in pregnancy. The every two week appointment. Tomorrow I'm 28 weeks, officially the third trimester. I have to do the lovely glucose test this week, fun. Hopefully I get fruit punch, and not orange.

So far I've gained more than I'd like, but am trying to control the weight gain during the third trimester. I need to cut out my love for sweets I guess! This pregnancy has been different for sure, in that I only want sweet things. A few other notable differences, complexion, and hair. I usually love my skin during pregnancy, it's clearer than normal and my hair behaves wonderfully. This time is a totally different story. Thankfully my bangs cover my forehead, but nothing covers my chin! And I've contemplated getting my haircut more during this past 28 weeks than I ever have in my life. But seriously how cite is this cut?

Babies heartrate was 153 and everything looks wonderful! I get to drink the wonderful glucola tomorrow. I know you're jealous!

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