Sunday, August 5, 2012


Oh boy. Julian is six and a half, or pretty darn close. He is so emotional. SO!

Today was no exception. Barry is working today, something like 7 am until 8 pm or something crazy. Anyway my little sister is here visiting, and we attempted church this morning. Ha.

Considering the fact that I had all three boys, plus me dressed and ready to go by 8:45 I consider that a smashing success. Walking to the car however, all went downhill from there.
Julian lost it because he couldn't put on his shoes. Serious. Melt.down. I got pretty frustrated with him, because instead of asking for help, he flipped out crying. He then freaked out about his carseat, Gabe, and a million other things within the span of two minutes. I made everyone get out of the car so I could talk to Julian. After talking it out, I still couldn't find the root of his tantrum. Why he flipped out to begin with. I tried to explain to him that when Barry is at the hospital I need his help, he can't act like a baby when he is the biggest. Is that wrong?

I feel like most times I expect a lot out of him, he is reasonably mature for a 6 year old, most of the time. And I think I probably forget that he is only 6. How do you talk through emotional outbursts? Help me! Any advice for a short tempered preggo? I want to be a kind mom, who doesn't react, but I'm having trouble.

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Miss Pink said...

We go through similar stuff here.
Yes, B is the eldest and so I expect him to help me out. Mostly he does great, but he has his moments too. I think it's important to respect how they're feeling and let them feel that where possible. Of course, it's not always the right place or time, and so when it isn't I try to hear him out and validate his feelings whilst also asking him to please put them aside right now and we can do something special just us two (even if it's just a movie at home on the lounge of his choice, or reading a story together).
I find most his outbursts come from feeling like he is being overlooked and not getting enough time with me, or because he is tired.