Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two hour glucose

Well it went ok. I didn't feel too barfy, which was a welcome relief. I had the orange drink, which was a little sad, fruit punch is actually good. I brought along a baby sweater to work on while I was waiting for two and a half hours. It's one of my favorite color ways, western sky knits Choco rainbow. It's called the sock yarn sweater and I'm loving it.

I was SO hungry after my appointment. I stopped at jack in the box, lol! Cheesy sourdough jack. Nom. I am feeling weak and dehydrated now and have had a couple contractions, so I'm trying to drink a ton of water.

There was a nice lady in the waiting room who swears I'm having a girl. She was really sweet and had her 8 year old daughter and niece there. Cutest little girls ever!

Glad I didn't get bruised from the blood draws! Woohoo!

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Miss Pink said...

That colourway is GORGEOUS!
I have wanted to get the Sluething Hoodie pattern for years, I just worry it will be too hard for me, but I'd love to knit the boys some matching hoodies.