Sunday, February 21, 2010

The sorta.

Here's a little playbook of our night last night.

Gabe's list of things to bring to Jackie's?
1. Blankie-Check
2. Puppy- Check
3. Bumblebee- Check


J and his dirt moustache's list of things to bring?
1. Blankie- Check
2. Patches- Check
3. The Fallen?- Check

Barry's ready for dinner! Just guess where we ate!

I'm getting better with the self portraits. The D90 is a LOT heavier than the D40 was. This one turned out pretty good

Here's where we went to dinner-

Just kidding. That's where the boys ate dinner


And here's where we ate dinner.

So. I tried to take a picture of my delicious dinner. I had the spicy sausage rigatoni. The little (he was seriously 14, max) busser came right as I'd busted out my camera, and he looked at me like I was a little crazy. But ZOMG. So. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously. I ate it for breakfast. And I don't eat leftovers. Like, ever. Barry had the chicken and proscuitto (i know I spelled that one wrong...) and then we had the best desert. Chocolate. Creme'. Brulee. Seriously. They combined two of my favorite things. Creme Brulee, and chocolate. Oh man. So. Good. I think next time I'm getting a huge Centro Salad, it has some yummy goat cheese and walnuts, and red onions, and yummmmmy spinach and mixed greens. And a chocolate creme brulee for dinner. That with their focaccia bread? It'll be a full meal.

So I'm covering my sparkles, but they're there. I would like to thank my BFF Carly for the confidence to wear the red lipsitck. And for the how-to on my hair/makeup.


I'm already asking Barry what the next special occasion for Centro will be. So. Yummy! The gala itself was a little bit like an awkward American Idol audition. They had a live band, and the singer sang the most random songs. For instance....Fallin' by Alicia Keys...and Womanizer by my BFF Britney Spears. Random. I was happier when they had CDs playing. IT was fun though to see my friends, and hear some exciting news from one.


Carly said...

You look so B-E-A-utiful!! I love you! I'm glad you had a great time. There is NOTHING better than an awesome meal. Nothing.

jmason said...

Glad you had a nice evening out!! Love your self are beautiful!

Rach said...

Yay! so glad you had a great time! I made my way over to say hi, but by the time I got there - you were gone :( Just wanted to let you know you looked BEAUTIFUL! And I totally agree with you on the whole band situation. I thought it was hilarious! hahahaha!!! My favorite was when they started trying to sing "Applebottom Jeans". I mean seriously? Hahaha

jamie said...

i love the red lipstick! i saw you and wanted to say hey- but you were talking with someone else- and than i could never find you after that. ps i finally got the confidence (inspired by you) to wear some leggin's under my skirt today- totally cute! thanks for the confidence boost.