Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why does nobody tell you just how HORRIBLE moving is. I mean, granted this move? Nothing like the great move of '08, where we packed up our Penske truck, and headed to the great unknown. Seriously, we picked out our townhouse on the internet, sight unseen.

But I think it's almost more of a hassle to move only 10 minutes away. I mean, I'm like eh why do I have to pack my clothes into a box? I'm just going to take them out in 24 hours anyway! I think I'm gonna be a little lazy with this move. We get the keys on Friday, so I think I'm going to pack up my car with random stuff, my clothes, boys clothes, maybe some of Barry's clothes and put them away stat. Then at least we'll have something to wear when our house is covered in boxes.

My plan of action for the new house?
Priority 1. Basement/Toy room.
Why the basement you may be asking yourself. Well to me? It makes the most logical choice. If my kids have a TV, DVD player, plus their infinite number of toys, then I think they might be less likely to drive me completely insane.

Priority 1.5 Kitchen. I mean, we need to eat.

Priority 2. My computer/office area. Because duh. I'm addicted.

Priority 3. The family room. We have until Sunday to get the Family room all organized, that's when the direct TV guy comes, or is it Dish? Anyhoo, you get the idea. Sunday between 12-4. Yay! TV. I am really, really quite distraught though. I've got almost the entire season 5 of Bones DVR'd on my Mediacom box. The box that I have to give back to Mediacom on Monday. Bye, Bye Booth! And Bones doesn't even start up again until April or something.

I'm not worried so much about the boys and their room. While I'm in Washington, we're going to order them bunkbeds, and Barry's going to put them together, and make their beds! We got the CUTEST bedding. When we get home, I want to paint their room the moon color, kind of a putty/liiiiight khaki color. And get a red area rug to cover the inevitable jewel toned carpet in their room.

In Washington, I'm going to work on transitioning Gabe into sleeping in a bed. There's not a crib upstairs anyway, and he'll be two (sob, sob) so I think it's about time to transition him. Plus, he's getting less and less happy in his crib. He doesn't climb out, yet. He does, however, climb in on occasion. I'm probably crazy, but what better time than the present! :)

And before I end this post, I've been told, a blog post is worthless without pictures.

So here are my crazy boys.

This was at the bouncy house place, Friday. They look thrilled, right?


rebecca said...

I wish I could help you move! We made about a zillion trips when we moved 40 minutes last summer. It was easier than carefully packing all the breakables. :P

That bunk bed will be sooooo cute with the bedding!

beauty school drop out said...

I feel your pain on the moving. Love the boys new bedding so cute.

Julie said...

Moving does stink. I've done it often enough to know that. I've done both long moves and within the same city moves...I'm not sure which is better or if they equally stink for different reasons. I think you tend to be a lot less organized if you are only moving a few minutes from where you are which is the downside of moving within the same city. Oh well. Check out for Bones, I know they have the last 5 that have aired you might be good with some just need internet pronto right?

jmason said...

First, your boys are soooo cute!!!! Second, I love the bunk bed! My boys have a similar one but I like the color of yours much better! Third, good luck moving!! I've only done one move from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin and that was enough!...I'm staying put!