Monday, February 22, 2010

Wanna see my Valentines?

Ok so you've seen them before. Barry, Julian and Gabriel. Here's what I did to celebrate Valentine's Day for my special men.

Using my new Pampered Chef Batter Bowl (I have seriously wanted one of these for years. I even asked for it for Christmas, from everyone, but nobody took me seriously!) I made red pancakes

For my litter carnivore, Julian, sausage.

I have to put the same things on their plates, Julian and Gabriel, or else a fight ensues.

Red Pancakes...kinda freaky looking

Pink Daisy? Someone knows me VERY well! (My bouquet also had stargazer lily, my other favorite!)

The breakfast!
Pink Heart pancakes-Check
Heart Egg-Check
and sausage for the carnivores- Check!

I had a super Valentine's Day. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, because it's a super commercial holiday. I hate that florists charge double for roses, because they know that people will spend it. I hate special Valentine's Day menus and the crowds at restaurants. I'm a little scrooge-y when it comes to Cupid. I do however, quite enjoy, the pink, and red, and hearts that are so present during this holiday! I love pink, red, and hearts, and flowers. Oh, and chocolate.


jmason said...

Ohhh...that looks yummy!!

Shannon said...

you are on a blogging roll for sure... i love it!!!