Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three in one day?

Can it be? This will probably give me the excuse not to blog for the rest of the week.

Moving. Why? And Where?

We are moving from a 2 bedroom townhouse, in West Des Moines. We are moving to a 4 bedroom HOUSE in Waukee. Waukee is where Julian goes to preschool and where Gabriel will go next year. We want to have another baby, and a 2 bedroom townhouse? No thank you! We have been cursing the Iowa winter, and will, thankfully, have a garage.

We found out in January that we will be in Des Moines for the next 2 school years. Barry will be doing rotations in Central Iowa, which means pretty much anywhere in Iowa, and across the nation, if he can't get a rotation set up here. We wanted to move into the school district we want Julian to start kindergarten in, thus Waukee. Our lease at Maple Grove isn't up until June, but we're breaking our lease and moving to this wonderful house. It was honestly like an answered prayer. Exactly in our price range, exactly the right location, and exactly the right features that we MUST have, and some!

I will post some pictures of the house once we get into it. We will get the keys on the 26th. The one bad thing? Ugly carpet. But I can't complain about ugly carpet when I have a house!


Angela said...

Yay! Sounds amazing! Good luck w/the move! Wish I could help. :)

Shannon said...

sounds great!!! now let's get going on the babies!!! :)

Debbi said...

seriously - you can't beat the housing prices there - so go for it! I love Waukee (and WDM), I would have stayed there even with the winters (but sometimes I am REALLY glad we are here and not there). Good luck with the move - carpet/smarpet - it sounds like a GREAT deal!

Is it waukee ward or racoon river? We LOOVVEED Waukee ward - Bishop Pence ROCKS - you'll love it!
(maybe you've already changed wards though, we lived in MG for 3 years and were in 3 wards:)

Mandy said...

Yay! We are so excited for you guys! Let us know if we can help with the big move!

Kara and Colin said...

New baby? Hmmm....must be trying for your Lola. When are you planning on having a new little one?

Erica said...

So exciting! Congrads.