Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know. Two posts in one day. I'm losing it.

We are moving on the 27th. If you will be in the area, have big strong muscles (or not, like me) and you want to help us move, leave me a comment on this post. We're going to order pizza, and have some drinks, and you can see the hideous carpet we're moving in to. I know, sounds exciting right?

We also are postponing the boys' birthday party. I'd initially rented the club house on the 27th, but since we're moving that day, the boys' birthday party will have to be AFTER We get back from Washington, so late March or early April. Is that bad? To have a birthday party a month after your kids' birthday? Ugh!


Heather said...

Why are you moving? Where are you going? I'm so behind!

Angela said...

LOL--I'm behind, too! Why and where? :)

Shannon said...

don't worry about the party... they won't care at all. have a great trip, a great move, and then a great party!!!

or even skip the party this year... they are still young enough that they probably won't care. just do something special with them.