Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Science Center...with FRIENDS!

Last Tuesday, after school, Julian, Gabriel and I stopped by the Palmer's. We were going to the science center, to use our sparkling new membership card. The boys have been begging to go back since we initially went and signed up. I needed to go back and take a picture of the pendulum again for school.

Julian was SO incredibly excited to show Natalie and Scott all of the SCIENCE. First? The creature room.

(There was a very active snake...I stayed far away.)

So there's a sign that says something like do not play ON the display...whoops!

My boys were attempting a newscast, however Scott didn't like seeing them on the telly!

The 3 cute boys playing trains!

This part was Scott's favorite, the ball thing where you put balls in, and it goes around to different tubes and the balls end up in different places

Natalie, here, is trying to pack up an egg, to put on the egg drop. She was serious, even quoting Full House as she did it.

The Parachute-for the most aerodynamic egg drop possible

Sad. (Mine splatted too)

The awesome prickly wall (as Julian calls it) and the mom's being FUNNY!

Cheeky Julian

Scott and Gabe...

We had such a fun time at the science center, thank you so much for coming!

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Shannon said...

love the pics!!! looks like fun!!!!